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On this Tuesday morning. Governor newsome's made an appointment for a political ally. For another position Jessica Morris was unsuccessful in her twenty attempt to replace Republican, Tom McClintock and California's fourth congressional district. But now she has a new job in governor Gavin Newsom administration. He is appointed Morris as deputy secretary of forest resources management at the California, national resources agency Morris may. The effects of climate change on California's forest a main point in her congressional campaign, the fourth district spans much of the southern Sierra from Lake Tahoe to you. Somebody more snoop position pays one hundred sixty five thousand dollars a year lake Oroville reconstructed main spillway is finally going to see its first action today. The department of water resources says the spillway releases down the feather river will range between ten and twenty thousand cubic feet per second that number could rise as high as sixty thousand cubic feet per second later this week of all goes, well lake level standard eight hundred fifty three feet, which is roughly fifty feet below the full capacity. So I'm sorry. That's okay. Though, the one point one billion dollar rebuild a both the main spillway and the emergency spillway took about two years to complete just for the record. She stepped on me yesterday. And so I just. During the day anytime that way, okay? That means of course, that our rivers are going to be rising the Sacramento river will be edging back up this week as rain begins to fall and the levels of lake Shasta are higher the lake is currently at eighteen feet from the crest of the dam now on Wednesday releases from the Keswick dam. They'll increase from fifteen thousand cubic feet per second at twenty thousand feet per second. And a few weeks ago the releases peak at about forty thousand daily nonstop flights to Maui. We'll be added to the Sacramento international airport. Starting today. A Wyan airlines launched additional flights at the airport and more flights to Hawaii could be coming down. The pipe is Southwest Airlines said they would add flights in Sacramento, but they haven't specified which island in two thousand eleven the airport underwent a one billion dollar expansion, but has witnessed record levels of passenger growth so much. So that they're running out of space to take on new flights and flyers. The airport is already considering another expansion to deal with the lack of space university of California retirees were left wondering what was going on yesterday when a glitch caused tens of. Thousands of former employees to not receive their pension checks. Casey are a three is reporting that around seventy five thousand retirees did not get paid yesterday. The UC office of the president told key CRA that they corrected the file processing air and most retirees had their benefit payments deposited at five o'clock in the afternoon. The last one thousand direct deposits are being processed today. And there was no problem with paper checks mailed out last week new parents in southern California may soon be able to take nearly five months of paid family leave for free. Jayson Campadonia has details. The Los Angeles city council today is set to discuss giving parents eighteen weeks of fully paid leave without a reduction in pay the state allows for parents to take eighteen weeks. But at only sixty or seventy percent of their paycheck comes with that time needed to bond with their child. The program would be paid for by employers, but small businesses and nonprofits may get a break. Governor Gavin Newsom likes the idea of a six month, parental paid leave. But his idea is still in its early stage. Ages. Jayson Campadonia NBC. News Radio time now for the top national stories, and let's go to ABC for that. Democrats on Capitol Hill cook it with White House with subpoenas soon made more questions about how some staffers got security clearances. Here's ABC's Phillips, a whistle blower working inside. The White House tells congress top officials authorized security clearances for at least twenty five people whose applications had been denied for reasons, including foreign influence conflicts of interest concerning personal conduct financial problems, drug use and criminal conduct. Today's the deadline set by congressional Democrats for the full report from special counsel, Robert Muller to be delivered. But the Justice department has already said it will likely be a couple more weeks before it's released. President Trump in tweets overnight says a vote on a healthcare plan to replace ObamaCare won't come until after election day. And singer Mick Jagger is now reportedly set for surgery later this week he is having a heart valve replaced. That's forcing the Rolling Stones to delay their upcoming tour, Cheri Preston, ABC news. Just ahead of the KF became morning news, reducing stress at work. There's a new report we'll get to that. In this half hour and a local news roundup. See what's happening all around our region here in northern California..

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