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It's stand up comedy unless you can do it, unless you're talking to a fellow comedian, you know, then then sure you listen to Joe Torry or whoever else has some advice or something to say, but it is the number one in my mind aside from like going to war. Yeah. Been through it. Don't fuck and talk about it. Tell me about to not critique or judge me if you've never been through the to the through the whole the fire we have to. Follow a Chris rock or or or, or introduce a Robin Williams. Like, if I can only explain to you that, that type of feeling you know, it's so funny because I've never seen fame before I saw Robin Williams go up the same as Chris rock. I never seen fame, before, like that, that was the best description of fame I've ever seen. And for me to be on that stage, it's still try maintain my composure, and still, try be funny that night, which is stupid for me to even do I should've just throw in the towel. There's a reason why you were there. Oh, yeah. It was the best day of my life to see Chris rock go up. Well, I've seen Chris go put to share the stage but not only that, introduce Chris, as it see that level of fame just people going crazy like going crazy, like standing up. They wouldn't sit down. He added tell him to sit down, and I'm like, yo it can't get any better than like I said that to sag it. Bob sag. Bob comes on your show. He's, he's been yeah. He's, he's Bob was there. And then. Here comes Robin Williams. And if you thought Chris was famous bro. It was like you. I, I literally saw first hand it, don't get me wrong Chris famous, it was huge the ovation but bro with Robinson lately. Yeah. Like the roof exploded, bro. I believe that ran up to the SeaScape zero fucks with the phone and just started taking it like she didn't give a shit. Like, I can't believe this abbot I have to take this federal. Yeah. That's like that's like that's like, Michael Jackson Britney, Spears type. Can't go outside your fucking house. Yeah. There's payments, and then there's like, I need body, double shit. Yeah. Exactly. Imagine the rush that you feel. And I guess what I was trying to say with that is just, like, just also being able to humble yourself and also like, like what do you do that night? Not what to pressure that, isn't it? Yeah, it's kind of what you do. When you Robin Williams house, rock, when it's like, like, because that's a humbling moment for you. Like you can't be humbled anymore. When, when you read, you know what I mean? Like, I guess, there's almost always somebody that you can look up to and say, well, I got it like that. When you're Robin Williams, arguably, there's not someone ahead. Yeah. That you can point to yeah, it's like comedies army. Evolving watch. Well, first of all, how many times I watched bring the pain of million times, how many times that I watched live from the met how you watch comic relief? It's like like these were the these two guys on stage of the reason why I do stand up I lived in breathe in here. I am sharing the stage with them. And I just remember when I got off stage, I called baba because Bob he you know, he was on the side at Bob goes. Hey, bring me up because I want to bring up Robin, and I remember my heart was crushed. Yeah. Say no to bother. You gotta read. This is like fifteen years ago. Something like that this way back when I was like, like the new guy at the laugh factory. And I mean, I yeah..

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