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FM W m A l A cumulus station news Now become male news at 5 30. I'm Maria. Leaves. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats will push through the President American rescue plan without Republican input, even though several major Republicans have tried to talk the president into lowering the price 10 of our members actually went down, met with the president on talked about more narrow, targeted approach. The message was that they were not interested in doing it That way they're going to try to muscle is through on a totally partisan basis. Come on. I think I can safely speak for most of my members that we think this is dramatically more money than is required. President Biden said. The bill needs to have a large price tag to help schools and get vaccinations out to Americans. D c Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is calling for some, but not all of the fencing to be removed from portions of downtown. In a letter to the Capitol Police board Congresswoman Norton who's been announced book Critic of the razor wire on the fence thing erected after the attack of the U. S. Capitol on January. 6th wants the fencing around the nearby US Botanic Garden removed immediately, Norton, adding, even if security concerns justify what she calls the current temporary fencing around the capital in nearby office buildings, Norton insist there is no security justification to keeping the outdoor space at the Botanic Garden. Close to D C residents and visitors. Barbara Britt W M. A. L N W m a l dot com Maryland is one very Small step closer to building a new Chesapeake Bay Bay Bay Bridge crossing. The state agency studying the project is completed. An environmental impact statement that endorses the existing Bay Bridge corridor is the most suitable option among two other candidates as well as they know, build option. Study found that adding a third Bridget, the current site would have the most positive impact on reducing traffic. But don't get too excited. Yet This latest study is just a check mark on a long list of steps before a new bridge could be built. Construction in the best case scenario is at least five years away, assuming the state can find the money to pay for it. John Matthews on W M A L N w a l dot com Tiger Woods, injured in A serious car crash near Los Angeles or enforcement sources have said there is nothing if you like salaciousness that they have found so. Far in terms off this terrible accident, and that speaks to the previous D U I incident involving Tiger Woods, of course, so people's minds might go to that. But at the moment, the indications that we're getting from law enforcement is that they have not found anything like that as part off this accident, But they are telling the L A times that that was his car was driving at a high rate of speed on what is a winding up downhill part off the road there in Rancho Palace. Verdi's Fox is Jonathan Hunt. Police are Scheduled to hold a news conference at 6 P.m. Eastern, a noted French anchor under investigation for rape. French actor Gerard Depardieu has been charged in France with rape and assault stemming from a 2018 incident after an initial investigation was dropped in 2019 for lack of evidence. The case was reopened last summer charges against the actor were filed in December. The 20 year old actress claims the legendary actor raped and sexually assaulted her at his home in Paris in August of 2018. Depardieu's lawyer told the rap. He completely rejects the accusations. But lawyer also denied the accusations and several other interviews over the years a 72 year old is known for his roles in Cyrano de Bergerac and the film Green Card for which he won a Golden Globe. Michelle Pelino Fox News on Wall Street, The Dow finished the day up. 16 points the S and P. 500 up five. The.

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