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Cameo dot com and pay either twenty dollars. Scary or twenty dollars two great t. So the races on. I guess they both got some apple and you should see scariest sucking everybody into. He's trying to get like other people on the show to cameos in his video and teach us over there, singing his heart out to sing song and wrote a song for someone to me for the money. That's a much better deal showed off your gold microphone here. Elvis, then you. If someone buys my video my microphone on your video, you own me money. You'll me. 'cause you wanna cut out of my Cami? Yes. Okay. What if I didn't come on scary Jones? What if I did my Michael Oppenheimer voice now what that's not to contest and also you put you put Brody on there. Cut Brody. He said, oh, and from the Brooklyn boys, it's Brody. And I said, I didn't agree to this. I want twenty-five percent. At least I went on with great tea, but I did it for free. Okay. You shouldn't go on with great t. You shouldn't go on with scary enough, a free. All right, look. And if you do, you get cut the money. But anyway, I'm not really looking for who's getting a cut as much as I'm looking for who's going to get the most requests. Yeah. Is it going to be scary or great t? My question is why would you want either one of those for twenty dollars phone, tap, characters, individual, if you request it. To me, it's a part. Carney bark. Somebody wants you to talk sexually as Michael Oppenheimer. Are you going to do it? Yes. Okay. Here's Here's tear. tear. Wait a minute..

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