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Before their contests in Indiana. That was very important contest that proved to be decisive and he spread that smear job cruise after that. Contest was over and Trump had one. Wolf Blitzer asked about it back in two thousand sixteen and listen to Donald Trump's at watch yesterday with this National Enquirer storage wanted you to clarify. You don't really believe that his father had anything to do with yourself nation. President. You don't believe in that can source, then I wouldn't believe it. But I did say let people read it. Amazing admission right? He said before the election. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, people should check it out. I don't know. He said, it's crazy. It's crazy. What might have happened? Right. And then he turned around after it was, of course, I didn't believe it. So then wolf actually followed up here. I wanna give credible bliss, which I don't often do. But look I can't wait credit where credit is doing. So he did a good job following up here and ask why Trump's head that then and his answer is very telling watch what? Take cruises father seems like a nice guy. Don't know seems like a nice guy. He made horrible statements about fray praying for bad things to happen to me. Okay. Essentially, I said, that's horrible. And I was on a show one of your competitors. And they showed me that I said, well, that's horrible. This. It's not just a one way street. You know, where I do something. It was a horrible statement. I was actually surprised by and during that, and when I said how bad it was that a man would say something like that. I said, well, what don't you read the various magazines because it's not only there was put in numerous where he has a picture of himself with Lee Harvey as well. I'm not saying. But the National Enquirer put it on this. I'm just saying it's all over the place. I said, well, why don't you talk about that? That was it. I'm not saying it, but I'm just saying it was all over the place public presumptive nominee. You have you have to have a higher standard than to repeat conspiratorial theories. First of all, I wasn't at the time. I didn't know if I was going to win Indiana, a not so I was not a presumptive winner that time I was going against them. They were going to get. Two parts there that are very very telling when he says, well, you know, Rafeal crew said horrible statements about me. So I said Arbel statements about him, even though I just told you I know that they're not true. Truth. It's optional. And then to me the ending was even more telling where he says what time I haven't won yet. So I had to win. That's what he cares about the most in fact when he was just in the last couple of days. Hey, you call the press the enemy of the people time that might get somebody killed are you concerned about that. He's well. That's that's how I win. In other words, you die. That's your problem. Not my problem. I tell you nonstop lies in my voters are stupid enough to believe it. That's their problem. Not my problem. All I care about is me me me me me me. So that is why he is lies on a regular basis. He pathological about the numbers. The Washington Post fact checker reported last month that Trump had more than five thousand false or misleading claims in the first six hundred one days of his presidency and average of eight. Three claims a day. That's amazing. Phasing. I've never seen anyone in public life lie at this record rate. Let alone a politician level the president of the United States as you just saw there with your own eyes. He doesn't as a strategies at tactic. He doesn't care. He has no moral qualms about it at all. That's why he just said yesterday the caravan. Yeah. Might be funded by George Soros later. He'll say, yeah. I was doing it to win. Of course. I was lying. Oh, somebody sends source so bomb who cares. Who cares? Oh, somebody showed up a synagogue. Who cares? I was doing it to win me me me me me me me. Guys sickening. But let's. And a little bit lighter. Absurd. No was wanna give you one of the misstatements that he said recently, and this from the Washington Post he for instance, said a middle class tax cut would be passed by November..

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