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I'm gretchen rubin and this is a little happier a little happier is brought to you by intercontinental hotels and resorts presenting their podcast series stories of the intercontinental life discover stories inspired by travel that will broaden your mind excite your curiosity and take your imagination to places you'd never expect download and subscribe at apple podcasts google play or wherever you find your podcasts i love quotations proverbs aphorism teaching stories cohen's true rules and secrets of adulthood i especially love any single line that's able to capture a complex idea in a single phrase or image a few years ago i was speaking a big happiness conference in sydney australia and during the course of a conversation with another panelist i happened to quote something that no one in the audience seemed to know after a comment i made i added you know even a dog distinguishes being stumbled over and being kicked i was astonished when the audience exploded with laughter i had thought this was a very well known line almost you know sort of a cliche line but they had never heard it before and by the way it is a lion from the common law by oliver wendell holmes and their reaction to this align really turn my attention to the deep truth of this observation and the elegance of the expression of it when someone injures us we know very well and we care a lot about whether that injury was an unfortunate accident or deliberate act and the distinction matters a lot to our response and if i'm feeling bad about something i accidentally did that hurt someone else it can be very comforting to think well it was a stumble but it wasn't a kick.

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