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Takes us nap. He trips coming away from center, he fumbles he picks it up and he puts it back on the deck. Recovered by the eagles inside the fifteen and down to the twelve Goth trip coming away from center lost the handle initially picked it up looking to get rid of it. He put it back down in its Corey Graham recovering for the eagles who marched into the end zone to pose for a picture and celebration. Rams radio. It's like Goff was in the locker room watching the patriots game. What getting taped up and he saw Tom Brady throw that goofy pack and thought man, I can do that. I can do better than that watch. This. It's not just a bad picks either. It's bad everything. The Rams offense has been ground to a halt the rattled there under pressure. And nobody is wearing it worse right now. Then Jared Goff guy's not himself. He's washed looks panicky his passer rating for the past three weeks is fifty one three the only guy who was started an NFL game during that stretch with a passer rating worse than that is Mark Sanchez. You heard me Jared Goff who was in the MVP conversation about five minutes ago is now putting up Mark Sanchez numbers. And if that's not bad enough Todd Gurley is all banged up which pretty much the last thing a team that already is dealing with injuries needs. Is that guy being bad? Badly banged up. But as badly as they played they still had a chance to get back into that game in rip it in the very end the defense came up with the stop forced upon and then well, roll.

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