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President Karen Travers ABC news the White House president trump calls fake news a report in The New York Times that he used a federal agency to dispute forecasters who contradicted his claim that hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama the papers is acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told Wilbur Ross the commerce secretary to have no a publicly refute the idea that Alabama was not at risk no on Friday said National Weather Service forecasters in Alabama spoke in absolute terms inconsistent with probabilities for the best products available at the time of the storm and new info about the cases against former top FIFA officials who worked in Porter Rico after hurricane Maria the investigation centers around alleged bribes that secured a one point eight billion dollar contract to repair Porter Rico's damaged electrical grid following hurricane Maria federal authorities arrested FEMA's former deputy regional administrator asa tribble the former president of energy company cobra acquisition Donald Ellison and his chief of staff the fed sales and provided things of value to trouble to influence his decisions to award Cobre with restoration work like a personal helicopter personal security and the use of a credit card mass Piper CBS news I had a Boeing says the grounded seven thirty seven MAX **** may not return to flight in every country at the same time here's A. B.. he's Alex stone it could be a phase done grounding around the world according to Boeing CEO Dennis Wallenberg he tells an investor conference it not all countries may allow those seven thirty seven Max to return to flight at the same time Boeing has yet to submit it software fix to the FAA for approval Mullen Berg saying the company is targeting later this year for the seven thirty seven Max's return to flight Alex down it ABC news in Toledo two people are dead after a crash of a cargo jet earlier today here's ABC's rhyme berada twin engine conveyor for forty cargo plane hit at least two empty semis when it went down AT Bubba's auto and diesel G. shy of the Toledo express airport there were no mayday calls transmitted to the tower by anyone aboard the plane before the crash the cargo plane originated.

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