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Nice to. Meet you Jack Ferguson candidate for governor. Is gonna be Taina Ruzic might never got. Involved in the race had it not been for another Kansas teenager from another party. Also running for governor I'm Jack Ferguson and, I'm a democratic candidate for governor Kansas and you're how old Jack, I'm seventeen I've, caught up with jacket a parade in the small town of, council grove it's well trendy hot but he's just. Walked the entire. Parade route in shirt and jacket pressing the flesh like the most experienced. Of, politicians for well over an hour breaking away from the crowds lining the road side for a moment he tells me how he triggered a rush of unlikely teenage election, candidates actually it was a Sunday. Afternoon and I was on, the Kapiti I, managed to find an, article that talked about the intersections for holding, office and. All the fifty states and I wonder what Kansas is so I spilled onto Kansas and it says. Eighteen for state legislature but nothing for any of. The executive offices including governor I found that, I, could use this loophole run for office and make. A difference for my state Kansas was unusual. In having no lower age limit once Jack spotted the gap in the law seven Other teenagers decided, to have a go-to, Sam of students dropped out they haven't registered, for the. Primary elections where the parties will choose their candidates for governor next month but Jack is officially running. For the democratic nomination and surprisingly it was his. Idea that Tyler should stand for the Republicans, to He lives in Kansas and made. My mind at that point drafting and I was able to do so I wanted to make this. A bipartisan agreement to get young people on both. Sides of, the aisle I'm very glad that he's running and making it public The role the, novelty and youth in some respects these teenagers really represent a politics of the past it may be seen as deep red Republican. Now but Kansas actually. Has a history of political moderation and compromise this was after all once the western frontier of the United States the settlers trekked along this very same root of today's parade and what people face the kind. Of hardship that those sexless did they tend to cooperate You. Know here in Kansas we've had a long history of bipartisanship than people working together I've, always sort of attributed. That to people that settled here Sarala friends is president of the Kansas organization of state employees. I met, her at her home. In the capital, tippy tipico they were pioneers they came from all. Different backgrounds all different countries all different walks of, life and Kansas is very extreme in terms of weather and. The elements and so, if you didn't know your neighbors and if, you didn't have a community there you were in trouble you'll see people even with very different political views that are good friends. And do things together For years, that spirit of cooperation was, reflected in state politics run for the most part by moderate Republicans. And Democrats together but as in much of the US the party's here have become more, polarized it reached a. Peak in two thousand and ten when a highly controversial conservative was elected to the governor's office His. Name was Sam Brownback and he wanted to cut all these taxes and then so people had more money to spend they would be spending more, and putting it back into the economy they sold this tax plan is it's a jobs plan it's. A shot of adrenaline to the economy and that's not what happened. What happened was that, stream, of revenue that the tax rate will. Bring in, was cut off almost completely? Kansas tax experiment, as, it was known became infamous in the US as the state's budget deficit ballooned and services were cut to the bone there's even a story that my older daughter who's ten years old, she said to me, mom we're out of, toilet paper at school I said so what are you doing and she said well we're just trying to be. Real real careful until the shipment came, in that the school had ordered like. They were just out it got so bad that. The Kansas supreme court ruled the underfunding of education unconstitutional voters Issued a verdict of their own rejecting supporters of governor Brown bags policies and electing instead representatives from the states more moderate tradition last..

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