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Wasco Lake, Liver Damage, Hackensack discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


Harmful algae blooms on a Wasco lake have increased significantly in recent days staff from the US state department of environmental conservation or trying to figure out what's causing it but they say recent heavy rains and high temperatures make for ideal breeding conditions for the species of cyanobacteria that suspected of causing the unsightly algae people and pets should avoid water tainted by algae blooms again cause skin irritation and serious health problems like liver damage according to medical experts eighty three degrees partly sunny skies in New York humidity is fifty percent right now winds are calm and repeating that current temperature eighty three going down to seventy the temperature right now in Hackensack is also eighty three degrees little warmer in Staten Island eighty five and eighty five as well in Sussex New Jersey with news time six await visit Roanoke's only premier luxury BMW dealership B. M. W. of Roanoke where you'll find find the B. M. W. as enjoyable as driving one hour one price promise program makes shopping a pleasure this is W. rona today in store or online at W. dot com take you to paradise for our air service flying vacationers in business people alike to locations on the east coast including Martha's vineyard Saratoga springs the Hamptons Atlantic city Nantucket bar harbor Boston anymore just call eight hundred five one six forty four thirty or visit air Hamptons dot com and one of our friendly schedulers to contact you regarding your request Hampdens your next meeting vacation a romantic getaway eight hundred five one six forty four thirty or air Hamptons dot com it is eighty degrees right now we have cloudy skies in New York humidity is sixty two percent Wester starting to kick up there on the east right now it's seven miles an hour and gusting to is sixteen repeating that current temperature it is eighty degrees going down to seventy tonight in midtown eighty three reported in Long Beach and eighty degrees as well in Hoboken now a couple of showers thunderstorms passing through the region being reported in spots will have more on that just a moment with accu weather that's ahead no about two minutes from now but right now winds news time six eleven this discount tire traffic center it's Gloria Java I'm now looking at these found crossroads at the major Deegan got a stalled car blocking the left lane do you get a steady van Cortlandt Avenue west it down to the George in the south and.

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Wasco Lake, Liver Damage, Hackensack discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News

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