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Item. And that is, for a world without barriers. And you can say in German fair take, which means finished or if I'm in America, period, or full stop, that that's it. And the organization and what we do now has grown and this is our, I think it's our 13th conference. And we are celebrating a ten years of partnership with the United Nations, and I think it's going to be our biggest conference ever this year. And I think we've got maybe a thousand people registered coming from 80 different countries. That's incredible. Yeah, sorry. I really witted on that. No, no, no but you're passionate about this. Oh yes, I love it. I am for your listeners. I am a balding middle aged white guy. Give me a break. Tell me how a Brit with that accent. Gets to live in Cleveland, Ohio. And every day gets away with that accent. How does that work? Well, I'll tell you exactly how that happened. So I'm in mid 60s, and so people who know their history will know that in the. Beginning of the 90s and the 80s, British government was the kind of rump end of mister majors. Government and conservative government one thinks of shall we say corruption and I didn't hold with misses Thatcher and I didn't hold with mister major either. I also had bought a house on obviously a black Thursday or black Monday. And by the time I left for the U.S., my mortgage rate was, I think I was paying something like either 15 or 18%. It's always paying more in mortgage than I was actually earning every month. So if somebody asked me to go to New York and set up the U.S. end to their operation. And so I went to New York originally for three months. I never, ever lived in the UK after that. And that was back in 92. So I spent 30 years 28, 29 years in New York. And then COVID came along, my wife's an artist, and where she used to go and do her art, which was a place called the art students league in New York. They had printing presses and she had space and she had studio space. Come COVID, infrastructure goes completely. As you know, New York is not the cheapest place in the world. So we couldn't actually afford the largest apartment. So we had a wee apartment in New York and she was unable really to do her art from the kitchen table, which itself was bad postage stamp size. So she comes from originally from northeast Ohio. And we thought of moving and so we decided, okay, that's it. And we moved to Cleveland heights. Which is just outside Cleveland. And we did that, I think. Probably in what we now 23, we did that in May 2021. And you love it. Absolutely wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

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