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Tweets already buster and bleacher tweets for a Tuesday. We have Corey rooker up first at Cory R 12, Cory writes in. This upcoming Hall of Fame ballot is packed with great players. Do you think the max of ten will get inducted? No, gore I don't. Look, I don't think bonds and Clemens are going to get in. I unfortunately feel like this whole conversation is going to go on and on and on. In fact, I actually think that class is going to turn out to be thinner than what people realize. I encourage you to get in. I'm really curious as I was talking about with Jesse that David Ortiz and how the writers handle him for me. He absolutely is a slam dunk first ballot Hall of Famer. Alex Rodriguez, you know, he is a member of good standing as far as Major League Baseball is concerned. Working under baseball's umbrella, I would vote for him. If I had if I had a ballot, but I don't think he's going to get in this year. So we'll see how it plays out. Our guy Reggie wrightson at Greenfield and mine buster I saw the report about the Hall of Fame battle today with the best thing for baseball no matter what you think of them off the field be for bonds, Clement shilling Sosa Ortiz and a rod all to be voted in and get this thing over with. Yeah, my I mean, the way I reached, you know, where I was and the voting by the time I got done was just put the best players in the Hall of Fame, who are eligible. You know, to me, the whole question of whether or not you should vote for them. The moral question, it's a stinking baseball Hall of Fame. It's not a house to the holy for God's sake. Just put the best players in and if they're eligible and you know what, Major League Baseball, the baseball Hall of Fame determined that by a the question of whether or not they're banned? And Pete Rose is banned. He's in a different category than guys like bonds and Clemens. He's never had his name appear on a ballot. And that's because Major League Baseball banned him and the Hall of Fame's never put him on a ballot. All of these guys have been put on ballots. Alex Rodriguez, you know, which just put on a ballot. David Ortiz was just put on a ballot. Bounces Clemens has been on there for ten years. I don't know why a lot of writers decide they want to play morality, please. I just don't get it. Oh, and by the way, I'm sorry, I'm off on a tangent now. Okay, the writers, you know, who don't vote for these guys. You know, apply the character clause. Let's be clear about what the character clause is here. First off, there's no indication that before Mark McGuire's name hit the ballot in 2006 that the character clause was ever used as a crossroad for whether or not you put a guy in, and let's remember this. The character clauses written by kennesaw mountain Landis, who is this segregation is to work to keep blacks out of baseball. So let's not hang on this high and mighty character clause, okay? That is, I feel like the character Claus thing with the tide to kinda saw that that is such a uniquely American thing. Like with baseball writers just drop kennis on mountain Landis name from their MVP vote and yet you can have a light a lot of writers apply his words in deciding who's in the Hall of Fame. It's stupid. It's a joke. These people should be embarrassed. That's me speaking. Next up, we've got Andrew Campbell at real camp drew. Hey buster, if you can look into your crystal ball and forecast any prospect from 2021 that could be an MVP candidate in 2026, who do you think has that future star power, guys like adley richman and Spencer torkel center easy picks? But what about Anthony volpe? Hope I pronounced that correctly. Who do you think's part of this next wave here? Yeah, and Anthony vault is going to be a big part of the Yankees conversation about shortstop this winter because they could, you know, yes, they could theoretically pay Corey Seager, they could pay a Carlos Correa. But Anthony volpe is one of the shortstops they have coming up through the system. They love him. I was looking at an MLB dot com this morning. He's rated the 15th best prospect. And I'm also a little bit better because he committed to Vanderbilt before the Yankees paid him a lot of money. Bobby wood junior, again, he's in a lead guy already. I can't wait to see him play Jack lighter because the Vanderbilt connection it'll be fun to watch him pits. And a guy who had a taste last year, I think he's going to have a high impact next year Shane boz for the Tampa Bay race. All right, buster, I'm gonna throw a curve ball at you to end the episode. We talked about it on SV pod last night, the perfect Thanksgiving plate or not yucking anyone's yums. We're not judging, but what is gonna go on your Thanksgiving plate on Thursday? Well, Turkey and some kind of green beans, okay. That's going to be my vegetable. My world famous mashed potatoes, they definitely would be part of that and stuffing. And I actually like the jelly cranberry sauce. Oh, okay. Okay. What about you? Turkey definitely dark meat. I like to state claim to one of the Turkey legs personally. Mashed potatoes, some sort of bread, whether it's cornbread, or maybe like a king's Hawaiian roll. And then I like something cheesy, they're macaroni and cheese. It depends on what is gonna be at my uncle's house. But macaroni and cheese are my aunt does a good cheesy broccoli rice. So that may get in the mix too. Minimal vegetables, though, straight up vegetables in my plate. That is for certain. Nice. I'm cooking a lot of Wednesday. I'm going to be doing some cooking. I got a side dish that I'm going to try. And I'm not going to tell anybody what it is until I decide whether or not it's a disaster. All right, well, we'll check in on it next week..

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