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Is in plays like there's another brother comes from a great lineage that oh yeah i have some more moxie is popular swagger well josh rosen called himself he said he had moxie when he was on the show with us a couple of days ago what is the definition of moxy is that gamer do we even know what moxie means you have a force of character determination or nerve is it a good thing to have moxie yeah you're gutsy gritty gutty yeah yeah hyphenated i don't know if josh rosen is greedy and gutty moxie he's got a little bit of a negative connotation to it but jocelyn certainly got the moxie means like you don't have the physical tools you have moxie to make up for it and how about guy this anybody have guile can you look up guile mclovin gyles like cleverness right were you did johnny manziel have guile in the pocket yeah he was ooh that's interesting yeah that's an sat word yes fritzy it's to be cunning or sly devious devious oh we in fact could've been johnny manziel crafty gritty gutsy crafty all right some phone calls here carl in syracuse hi carl you know what i have i have file file filled up why did you make baker mayfield dress up like brett farr i'm a fan why would you do that to me i'm proud they're gonna pick and they're gonna they're gonna screw them over like the falcons did brett farr thank you carl well then you could get him on the jets after that after they screw them up so i screwed up baker mayfield by asking him to wear jeans shorts have i influenced the nfl draft then somehow the browns don't want baker mayfield because he were jean shorts in an is to brett farve mike and alabama mike woody hat for me hi dan hey dan i was thinking the same thing from earlier about the browns not drafting a quarterback and just getting like saquon barkley at number one and number four i mean you got tyrod taylor he's i mean he's not gonna turn the ball not gonna lose your games i say like somebody else they've had.

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