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Late germans martin the sheep yeah so todt number ten onions yeah now you do number nine number nine tomatoes time you hate tomato i know we're not just naming shouldn't have put onions so high up all right well these are in no particular order okay so just used him eight i'm not use tomato smell use tomatoes let me make taco's these are these are all i want new tomatoes i want used to me what about an heirloom tomato that's been around forever all right i guess if a thin heirloom tomato ml has down from generation that are septa use tomato only of it's an heirloom that's that's what we mean or an antique tomania heirloom tomatoes that is when they meet over on your grandmother uh cut it up put it in a taco now all the dust will come out when he cut it tom number eight tim in tom's taco ted top10 taco tips gear pint of top top ten taco toppings no other night there they're hook you're about to cuba tip rid of here added oh we're going toppings thai tung toppings in tips 'cause i have a feeling we're not gonna pay for some of never ate get rid of the corn tortillas and use the flower tortillas in a soft gel takhot yeah the corner it's look i love corn going stinks you stink cornes for freak in livestock feed not for now for ten and tom well thank you for including me you have stick it up for you could i was doing i don't know i like cream corn he epa you don't need like greem now i will i'd have cream corn on my tacos tom but that number seven now oh no yes cream hand toms died jim you're names on it buddy.

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