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V. L. A. V. dad or the V. Alavi the opinions of the host on Katie W. when are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station its management or Beasley media group and we're back on the credits roll on Kate on we are here weekends our company is credit restoration and about it doesn't matter what time of day you hear so the matter when you hear the show it's very easy to reach us and there's always someone around that can assist you get a call set up an appointment set up any of those things we use of visual approach to repairing your credit not talk about this quite a lot since since the fall but we use the visual approach which means once you're set once we have your credit report we actually send you back to our website there's a little but in their first screen sharing an appointment you click on that button and and the next thing you know you're actually in my computer I do all of these reviews if you need help with your credit I'm the person that looks at your credit report I'll actually be doing that meeting with you you'll be able to access my computer screen you'll see exactly what I see and we'll talk you right through everything that's on your credit report and everything good bad and otherwise easy to get to us online the website is C. R. Nevada dot com you may also call us or text us seven oh two seven seven eight two thousand seven oh two seven seven eight two thousand because staff of credit bureau specialists that are are literally just focus on doing nothing but working on the removal of items from your credit report they communicate the in and day out with credit bureaus.

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