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I got a day when we went to new york or played at the end it was not very good for a couple of then took part being that thing renew girls from my record atlanta my friend sonia victor li path to cancer and i will always cherish that moment uh and i know you know she put down and cherishing do you know she wanted to be on the live because she want wanted people to know that you can still be strong and have ditch for cancer and it was pretty special and then after me and a mark bronson went up on the the top of the roof and we sang angel down our to a giant crowd of people in the streets and the song is really about the world and about how it's important to the loving during a tumultuous time and caring about you know the angel down and picking them up and as you know it was really special everybody was thinking in the street it was there was awesome you know all the songs on joanna have been really personal to you in obviously a really emotional um you know how will this year's dive bird show be different now that fans have had eight months with the joanne album instead of it just being the first time they hear some of the songs like it was last year right well you know de la pierra i they they were informed by the fact that the fan hadn't heard a lot of the material yet so i approached them more like a sort of bhutto to elect oh pop underground moment uh as opposed to just you know me at the piano let this time around for dive barak tour i and conflict it'd be even more internet than it was the last time i really want to break the song down and talk to the audience even more and just you know thing the hell out of my tongue.

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