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She would have been something nineties. Maybe nineties early nineties late eighties. Like maybe eighty nine something like that. She was a gigantic deal electric youth. I think i did that in my two year. Old dance class. that's right. Electric youth was. Oh yeah i remember that one. So i am wondering okay now what she do now because she you know she was a gigantic deal. She was like the gigantic stars out there and now she's she's so i go to her instagram. What is she doing every instagram post. Is her singing a different song. And i thought oh. That's so sad. Just never given it up. I would like do you think she could join. You know like in some small towns you can go see. There's never been a better time for for like icons of the eighties and nineties to go on tour because now all those people have money. You're writing so people would pay to see debbie gibson. I don't know who but southern wood. Must it be weird to be a gigantic deal one day and to just disappear for the rest of your life especially think about if she wasn't a one hit wonder she had four or five hit. Oh yes no. She was good but think about people that are one hit wonders. Like i remember. I was watching the voice once and the guy voice that tried to go. Becky like one hit song. It was something shuffle and any went back on the voice to try and get into the competition. Any sang his once song and nobody turned her out. How bad would that be That'd be awful. That'd be awful. Yeah just that. What's that cupid shuffle. And who sings it or hey. It doesn't say i'm trying to look it up. It doesn't say okay so this guy went on the voice any song you want. He saying this one hit song. Nobody turned around and ceelo was on was on the back then and he turned records. Hey man i know you turn around so debbie gibson. Sort of fading right and now. She's a singing songs with their little keyboard on her instagram. And i'm like oh poor. Hashtag blessed i the hashtag blessed thing we gotta stop with. That is so annoying. You started it. Does she do with her. She does not she does not cause. She was blessed in the late eighties early nineties but she's not blessed anymore. So then i read a story about adrian. Grin year is now who was the star of entre. Yeah he played vince. He now lives on a farm about forty-five minutes out of austin and he has quit show business altogether he says quote. It was an effing load of fun and amazing while it lasted. I'm not disparaging the stage of my development when i could go deep into my total abject debauchery but look at nature.

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