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Everybody. Oh, realtime traffic now with Tracy Taylor. Couple of new problems have popped up one of which is northbound I five after the Tacoma dome with a crash there, let's blocking they've cleared a crash on his cell thirty five from highway sixteen that's out of the way still on the side and southbound I five zero. Five thirty nine for that crash at the carpool lane blocked on. I five out your what Eighty-eight thank you again for the Ron and Don nation at nine eight nine seven three coming through. And let me know about that. They cleared a crash southbound on highway seven is your approach eighth avenue east. We're still going to work with the earlier problems on northbound four at the Benson. And I'm not seeing much in the way of a backup there just some scattered slowdowns on southbound four or five outside of Newcastle. Southbound one six seven as we get closer to two seventy seven and again on southbound I five as we cross the Pierce county line and heading out to the dome. Once again drivers encountering some delays all weekend long northbound five out near Tukwila Duwamish river bridge, revive I five two lanes. Only getting through puts the added pressure on four zero five I five an one six seven, including the service streets down through Tukwila Southcenter. You're also gonna find the Rams ninety nine blocked off a rather close tonight starting at ten o'clock, and that's Atlantic street and Royal Brahma. So you're going to have to drive into pioneer square or drive all the way. Down towards Spokane straightened get onto ninety nine basically from east marginal way, a once again eastbound ninety is still closed until at least eight o'clock tonight. We are following DOT for the latest on the updates throughout the evening. Traffic is brought to you by Hugh.

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