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Routes that look like they've not been redeveloped a massive amounts of money out incident as the piste region as soon as well as so like a kitchen of that fiber jerry area just the something about the mfi chin sorta meltdown in there if that early '90s catch hasn't been done things that that read i he i was can avi rica thinking yelling platelets kinshasa's imprinted with what i loved about it was the fact that it is you know it's it's truthful about t that ventured that like that makes bledel you know they're feces that consensus via has now it's no landings kind of hate each other around they desired they'll they'll drop each other in it at the drop of a hostel for trade for anything it's all college gas it well i mean i've not been are vital els is pretty out of date now but i ask but i did be a key really captured the mad boredom of being a t h at the after the fact that you're in the middle of a of a of a sectarian civil war is almost incidental spring it's like which is every crisis is ninety percent boredom for the people involved in in an inconvenient inconvenient inconvenient tedious and so that that the kills was a fantastic performances really particularly erin says sasha monica jackson's our they'd like the kind of insofar as a central karditsa and it's a really tomase already adult performance it's like ludicrously said called expressive kind the top really really as facial expressions of brilliant what she thought isn't by limits experts a teenage years that's what teenage girls ally over the top every think big dale i have is this early i get dale yeah.

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