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It's great to have you on Monday. Chris Broussard stopping by perk. Kendrick Perkins Jeff Schwartz in studio, where Colin was right. We're calling was wrong. Forty minutes from now, joy, Taylor. Is joining me it is great to have yen. So I sat and watched every second yesterday. The raptors Milwaukee, it's my job. It's what we do, and my big conclusion, and I felt this by about the, the middle of the second quarter on these, these teams aren't beating Golden State, come on. Come on. Stop love you Drake. Love you the people of Canada loved him. Horton's it's Leonard and four guys terrified to shoot in a big spot. This isn't even the NBA finals. This is just the conference finals. You're at home. If you don't have confidence there. I mean, Fred van bleed. The missed free throws. They are terrified. I mean at some point Colli, Leonard who is even more amazing than the word amazing. Just took it a game over. And it's remarkable a guy can dominate in, in small doses against other great players like that. Toronto's they're not ready to win the NBA finals come on now and I'm watching this yesterday, and I'm thinking, what do we know about Milwaukee? The east is weaker than the west, the Celtics couldn't get their act together all year long in Toronto's a one man team. What do we know about Milwaukee well during the regular season yard Denver was great during the regular season? They couldn't be beat at home during the regular season. Then Denver couldn't get out of the second round in Las three games at home in the mile high city. These are not. These are teams are not beating the warriors warriors are gonna have rest. They're more experienced. You know, it's thinking about this, if the warriors win tonight, and they're all beat up, not just Katie and boogie. I mean Andrea Guatemala. He played eighteen minutes less than he did on average is playoff. So he's hurt. They get nine days off, if they went in Portland tonight. Well, young teams like Milwaukee don't want nine days off. They want to keep playing young teams have the energy they overcome injuries. The warriors have Steph got a finger issue. Andre Igwe dolla had to go to the training room in the first half..

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