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It's made with freaky fresh ingredients and I'm going to say it it's really cute. You'RE GONNA want to adopt it. Give it a name coordinates outfits and then eat it up. It's that cute and it's that delicious order three dollar little John and Jimmy Johns dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP available at participating locations. This three girls. WanNa keep me Amy Schumer. We have bridget Everett. What Hot Cabaret Rachel Feinstein? Maybe we can trader. For like a goat Keith Robinson's global warming. I'm like you on your own now buddy. We're all COMEDIANS. My my best friends and I say that with so much shame and regret and three guys talking about a lot of albums in came. Let's start this episode rate so I have a baby now. And you'll probably hear throughout a number of these podcasts Gene in the background lake right now laughing or he's just discovering his voice so he's just those little screams he's a sweet happy baby. He's happy little guy and now I feel like a little bit responsible for you know trying to do what I can to from do right. Yeah do right. How am I going to make myself better? How are we going to make this world better to leave behind for little gene? Firmer fucking baby. You know so you worry about that. Yeah I'm thinking about that. A little bit service on and a grandson batting had to say that now you gotTa do some Shit Wa. I WANNA nosy. You GotTa give me a list of things that have to do. Give me a list. I spent a lot of time thinking about global warming. So I'm happy. Yeah I do not see little babies. Schiff freaks me out tank. Good thing they gotta do. Stop this when you take one of those big hot steamers wipe twice in done. Okay now just go digging around on there and wipe it up and clogging up your toilets. Okay that's a lot of toilet paper. You can buy a renewable toilet paper. You could use less plastic bottles you can vote for. People vote for politicians WHO BELIEVE CLIMATE. Change is real okay. I'll stop shop when you told Keith to stop wiping as well forget that we all want you to keep wiping. Well okay. Please continue to way to sit. Classics Paper Straws. Now and stop throwing things out the window Yankees Keith. Thinks it's okay to take a sandwich and toss it out the window with the wrapper on it. But I'm not going to give up all my funds so when you fast food do you just like launch everything madness. He was trying to talk to me like that's what everybody does does this morning. He was like I mean you know. We all used to throw things out the window. Overdraft like an apple core eighties. Maybe when I was a kid but now we know better. So it's like a small change and plus you get hit. Somebody whole world is not like your baseball stadium. What are you GonNa do to help the environment? I mean this morning when I couldn't turn the shower off like my carbon footprint COUPLA little I'm would just leave it on I scream Chris. Chris Amy's husband. I can you try to turn the shower off and then I walked out of the room and you know it wasn't easy but I knew us. That porn voice around my husband occur. Drop the towel great best friend. Chris is actually a really on me about that stuff. If the A C is on he's close the door that he sees on he's like we're only using glass bottles and just as a farmer. He's just more aware of you. Know that stuff and not being wasteful food and whatever and. I'm always like shut up you hippie but now that we have a baby I realize like we got to try to better see. You got a small baby. Yeah we haven't gone. Turns FOURTEEN ANY LAYING DOWN? I gotTA protect my baby but at fifteen whatever we gotta attitude to favor. Shit this is Kevin Kane our producer. Keith roughly when you're was born yes reflective moment like I got to stop doing this Keith. Visit off track betting. And what we what was going Yeah did I actually did have that for second or a couple of days and then you realize it i. You'll be alright. What was was there. No consequence Keith. Like eat what you think about the consequences of any of your actions like do you. Yes everybody does that. Everybody has those reflections home. I should have did. This shit was fucked up over there but but now with my son I was like I just got to make sure he's good. Yeah that's all I had to do. My thing was to take care of him right. He is good. Yeah he was good. That's why I'm that's why global warming. I'm like you're on your own now by well. Don't you gotTA think look? I got two more Spiderman. Movies left that cares about a couple of war. He measures time and laser light shows and marvel movies. You are just dumb at the end of the day. She's very smart to measure. How much sick bed facing phase of Basic Mutasa? Bej Key shots. Do you tell your kids that you love them. You like that kind of or is it more like only on special occasions. They know Everybody does table as a real dad. Thank me why are you going to do that dead? I want you to love someone and that is. Why are you going to do that? I got a good dad tail. Please okay so he wanted to ask my dad permission to ask me to marry him so he was gonNA decide. He's GONNA drive to Maryland to ask them in person. He's got in the room with them and he was like how I want to ask you something and then my said. Did you get engaged to Rachel? He's like no is going to ask your permission at my dad. Said we don't have any cash for you just so you know I cash which is somehow more offensive than money. You know. You don't have any cash and you know what I was. GonNa ask you direct like. Maybe we could trade her for like a goat or something big that. I know I think my dad said the words older go. Yeah they agree that I was maybe worth one of their like. Yeah just kind of functioning goat. He was coming to look for your. Yeah why are you going to do that? Dad Love? My Dad wasn't around that long but I love them. You know told me a Lotta Shit. Do you remember any of the advice gave you any device well for the crippen a deck deck put a CRIMP in Adak. What's up? I don't understand like take your car when you cheat right. When you're on the deck up you put a crippling attack so visa. Now cut the deck you. GonNa cut it away. I want you to cut it and exact place. That's good stuff. Oh that's how this prints we see before us. You give you information that you have. Tom And I worked my dad. My Dad also pass on information like me and my sister. We would play poker with him and we were little girls playing and like if one of us tried to cheat or something. He would like slammed his hand on the table. And be like if this were real game. You'd be shot in the head right. Yeah Yeah it definitely left an impression. You can see that Dan wouldn't it be nice to just save the stress and have someone pick out the perfect outfit for you for your next night out? That's where stitch fix comes in stitch. 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Such a huge fan has never miss an episode so the good news is the John Carey. Wants to do our podcast. The bad news is that spotify for the first time intervened and they said they don't want all of us who begins in there together and they want just me to interview him. So you guys are finished. John Kerry doesn't WanNa hear you also offer. Well let's crippen. Denver spotify was protecting John Kerry from something. He had no idea. That's right yeah. They know he loves the environment and hates garbage so they cleaned us. That's right human. Equivalent of toxic shock syndrome are not going to interview him so last night. We had a whole meeting for the first time. We've never met about this podcast ever and so we had our first meeting after a couple bottles of wine and I said well you guys you know. Even though spotify is trying to protect John Kerry from your filthy mouths one. You give me questions and I'll ask them and I wrote down here questions so Yeah it's time I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Interview John Kerry now can you guys? Can you guys get? Outta HERE. Really? He doesn't WanNa meet you. Don't WanNa see you guys..

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