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Talk here go dot com America is talking with investors, and he's got to be big with the crowd is just on his feet here to send you out. A boy with Gary Cole Bomb comes highly recommended. You're gonna feel better if you talked. Oh, And what once again to investors edge, So we're doing educational shows. This is a two part two days off. Bull market's turning into bear markets and all the characteristics. And we're not calling with doing this show in August of 2019. These two days. We're not calling for anything which just letting you know we've had 10 years without a real bear market, And we do believe it's the central banks that have prevented it and we do worry of the next bear market that they can't control is going to be much bigger because Our study of asset bubbles and what happened in those seven No. Eight in 2000, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. So we've been telling you We just got to the point where Now the major indices. The big guys are now down 10% They finally got To the areas that are more defensive. As we said earlier, when the market goes defensive, you know where the money flows out of risk areas that buys a Procter and gamble. Procter and Gamble's in the down. Holds up the Dow better. So one of the main characteristics is If you have to be invested. You get his defense of his defensive can be Typically but not 100%. Food. Beverage. Utilities. Household products. Those type of things very liquid stuff. Drugs. So we're down 10%. Major indices, but we've seen it plenty of times before. And The past 10 years. As we do this show in August of 2019. So we're good. People are on TV. Upon. That's not talking about the fact that that point the Russell two thousands in the twenties of the mid caps or the foreign markets in the thirties, and so many stocks that have been hit so hard Talking the Dow S and P And the down 10 11. But we know what that point The average stock is 15. 18. So when you see 10 or 11 and you look at your account, and it's down 18 You now know why. Of course, unless you own Duke energy. Or Proctor in Gable type. Hershey's Though her she's had their bear markets in the past..

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