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That's totally okay. That's awesome because those people do tend to Get a lot of attention because they are so high energy and they bring a lot of vitality To life right But again if you are not that person if you are a little bit more serious or more data driven which is the next one you know acting that way in front of a camera you might be able to do once or twice or you know but then you're going to inevitably just hate what you do because you're not gonna feel like it's true to you so you're going to end up bring an audience that you don't really enjoy and you don't really like talking to and it's just like one of those situations where you're just like an order to gain some sort of popular us sort of sold your soul and now everybody's talking to you in a way that you hate and you're just like listen. I like the opera. I don't care about sports and that's okay if that's what you do right so but if you say like oh let me because this particular audience groups really love sports if that's what you start the conversation with you can't really complain when all they want to do is talk sports but you hate it. Do make sense does because it's how you remind the time i was doing live streaming. We had a partner. We're trying to do something for for introverts. Because because i'm an introvert sure and she was to. We're trying to get the things you know. Trying to get people out of their shell and we'll be found out was that they didn't want to be they didn't want to be out of this. Show a very comfortable being in the show. So i hope i hope was shot. So okay okay. So maybe i. Maybe i don't care to to other interests of what i'm doing so i understand staying that the things that you might want to your intention may not always be what your audience is looking for exactly right hundred percent and so let me excuse me. Let me continue on and just real quick move onto the second part so the second personality type of the data miner. That's what i call them. So they're just they're data specific. The people want to know all measurements. They you know they they want to know all the analytics. They're the people that are really like intellect. Google ads facebook ads and all that stuff. And it's not that they're into the creative copy but they're just like the really interested in how to make this work and optimize it and get like the tiniest point five percent difference better you know so. Those are people that again. If you're talking to them you wanna be using a lot of numbers you want to be using facts and figures and pulling in not just pulling out a quote but attributing that quote to a person or attributing certain Numbers to forbes magazine. According to them like that sort of thing that's what's going to help Create a thirty To people who listen to you that our data filled the next is the people that are like very strong and nobody else is usually the people that follow. People very similar taught gary v or was one guy something jordan. The guys were mike wall street. Those guys who were very like. I'm alpha and i don't care and they're okay with cursing and blah blah blah and again not..

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