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Copy whoever that goes for patty for thirty bucks in two thousand nine. Well i'm gonna. I'm gonna put this out there because criterion has released defending your life an lost in america. So they wanna go ahead and do real life. I won't get mad. Yeah so actually right. Now i'm gonna. I'm gonna go ahead. Mister criterion. I know you're listening. Okay so listen you fucking nerd. Put out real life on blu ray. Maybe you don't put it on four k. You seven hundred eighty four k yet. Like every other boutique label is already doing this. And you guys fuck knows your first four k relates to real life. Okay at least put it on blu ray so now now if it happens we can we. Can you know claim that we're the ones who push them to do it. So that's important but yeah check it out. It's good shit. It's fucking hilarious. The ending is wonderful. I don i don't want to spoil it. God damn good. It's so good basically. Our brooks has a breakdown and the entire movie has been about him just like spiraling trying to make something like more cinematic and more contrived essential premise of just filming a family and the ending is is the also meant like the movie can't end any way other than the way those emotion and it's real hundred percent worth your. I check that shit out so we mentioned this. This is not the earliest grodin comedic role. If you go back you hit the rewind button and you go back to one thousand nine hundred seventy two so we're going back seven years grodin got a full head of hair beautiful head of hair and he does. A movie called the heartbreak kid directed by lane may and this is another one. That is incredibly difficult to get hold of and the reason is it was released on. Dvd number of years ago but most of the time like movies all the time that people lose track of the rights. they literally don't know who owns them and so labels are reluctant to put out a home media release. Because they're like well we think so and so owns it but we're not sure so which is not going to talk with it because we now. This one is odd because we know who owns the rights to the heartbreak kid. But it's not who you think it is so Heartbreak kid was produced by a small studio which was then or distribution which was then purchased by a pharmaceutical company. So a pharmaceutical company owns the heartbreak kid and they will not license it to anyone at all. They're just sitting on the r- they're like. Yeah oh man. This is a gold by just sitting on a grodin. Elaine may movie. That's what everybody's clamoring for this. A billion dollar asset that we have here they won't give it anyone so honestly the best way to wash the heartbreak. Kid right now is is. You can go to youtube and just type it in and it'll probably pop up but this is another one where despite the fact that it's a pain in the ass define equality cut of it online. Talk about a brilliant fuckin- comedy and you know not not to be confused with the ben stiller version. But mr coleman what is the assets of the heartbreak kid like a category a rundown this well kids you would say it's a story of schlep. Charles grodin very quickly in the first few seconds of the film meets a woman at a bar. They fall in love and get married very quickly. I think 'cause they're saving themselves from heritage and they go on a honeymoon and he meets another one while on honeymoon and decides..

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