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In all states Spain is lifting some corona virus restrictions at the same time the Spanish prime minister warns against complacency on the part of the general public the B. B. C.'s guy had chosen Madrid a national lockdown has been in place for four weeks in Spain a so called economic hibernation has been part of those measures preventing the movement of nonessential workers but today they go back to work that would include construction workers and those who work in factories and heavy industry the prime minister Pedro Sanchez has played down the lifting of this restriction insisting that doesn't mark the beginning of a broader relaxation of Spain's lockdown south Korean officials warn that hard earned progress fighting the virus pandemic could be upset by new infections at bars and leisure spots highlighting global tension between governments desperate to maintain social distancing and citizens eager to resume their lives news and analysis at town hall dot com a federal judge rules that Alabama cannot ban abortions as part of the state's response to the corona virus should preliminary injunction issued Sunday prevents the state from forbidding abortions as part of a ban on elective medical procedures during the covert nineteen pandemic the judge said abortion providers can decide whether a procedure can wait the ruling was a victory for abortion rights advocates were fighting efforts in Texas Ohio Alabama and other states to prohibit abortion services during the covert nineteen pandemic a lawyer for clinics it will ensure abortion remains available in Alabama Ronda Racha reporting a Pakistani prime minister issuing a global please directed at the world's richer countries and international financial institutions to provide debt relief to poor countries being devastated by the battle against the coronavirus the end of all three that's our Dow futures are down three hundred six points more on these stories said town hall dot com go go get you access to licensed agents twenty four seven.

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