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Prosecutors say AM I has admitted it worked in concert with the Trump campaign to violate federal election law in arranging pay former playmate for her silence AM promises to conduct internal training on campaign finance regulations and exchange. Federal prosecutors in New York say they won't go after the company in Turkey. At least seven people have been killed after a high-speed train crashed into a locomotive in Turkey's capital. The government says in a statement that one of those killed was the train driver. And that forty six people were injured taxes on texts. KCBS reuse. Matt Bigler OMG California wants to tax text messages. It's an unpopular proposal that will impact almost everyone says Karl guar Dino president and CEO of the Silicon Valley leadership group this is like taxing for a conversation the extra revenue about forty four million dollars. A year would go to help make phone service. More accessible for the poor. Jim lively likes that idea. A surcharge. If it's not agree GIS? I think that would be fine. There's no word how much the text tax would be if approved by state regulators next month, Matt Bigler for CBS news. San Francisco Jose can say Kotel CBS news. No, he is not gunning for their roles soon to be vacated by General, John Kelly. That of White House chief of staff a tweet on his verified Twitter account says hey, little buddy to Donald Trump. He's interested. This is the first time anyone has my Twitter account of anybody can help me out there getting my account back or contact Twitter or have them contact me. It would be great. This is CBS news. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Ziprecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for businesses of all sizes. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash free. Hey, why w news time three oh three. Here's your traffic.

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