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And i'm getting a will choke so it's okay and you know i wanna do that for my wife and family and i and i think having somebody who has your knowing you got somebody who has your back like that yeah it's a big deal so in the in the midst of this this like really tough period what happened how did you how did you turn the corner wow a good buddy a vince a herbert who's like this very jubilant guy vince is like a character but he's super talented you know he was a child prodigy he was like sixteen or seventeen producing records selene dion and you know whitney houston and toni braxton and we were the same age and every time he was in la he will pop by and just you know we would just talk and and catch up and he called me and said you know carter got this girl that saw my space that i want you to check out and any broader in and she played her music at which was great and was lady gaga in a moment the story of how troy carter came back from financial ruin and help to build a superstar guy roz and you're listening to how i built this for npr.

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