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The ones who get it done Ten 18 traffic and weather on the 8 series reading Kessler in the traffic center Well if you're in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway it was northbound on the Parkway Finding the delay inside the beltway after four ten was a report of a wreck South out on the Parkway not a bad trip things looking good both inside and outside the beltway onto 70 It was southbound to two 70 near Montgomery village avenue the earlier reck was on the left side but the delays have completely ease so they may have moved that one out of the roadway Pennsylvania avenue at the suitland Parkway the traffic lights were reported dark with no one on the scene directing eastbound 100 after telegraph road the crash on the right side And on the bridges today the bay bridge there are wind restrictions in effect These are limited wind restrictions no house trailers empty box trailers any vehicle that can not safely cross the bridge will not be able to do so There are no vehicle restrictions on the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge but there are wind warnings in effect If you're in Virginia on 66 westbound near 29 in Centreville the work in the right lane then near two 34 Prince William Parkway the work in the right lane Southbound 95 slows out of lorton and across the Auckland keep an eye out for any work that's usually near one 23 northbound 29 before 66 the right land was blocked with the work and westbound 50 near 29 or fairfax circle that work was in the right lane If you're in the district southbound D.C. two 95 the delays are from benning road past east capital street We did have the closure of military road near 32nd street for the crash investigation Connecticut avenue near ellicott street was a report of Iraq and also Connecticut at Calvert was a report of some flashing traffic lights I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Let's check in live now with storm team four's Michelle Grossman as we get set for the weekend how have we calmed these winds down any We are getting there slowly The good news is the high wind.

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