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A twist in this round called the killer question. That question is worth three points because there are no multiple choice options. You either know the answer or you. Don't you better hope you know it because one player will be eliminated at the end of this round to keep playing? Yep Ready Okay. Here we go with around two other questions in this round will take us up. Until Bundy's final attacks has law enforcement struggled to keep him contained now after several women had been assaulted or killed and Carol Durant Gift Bundy's attempted kidnapping his on again off again girlfriend. Elizabeth Clap for from Seattle began contacting authorities and Salt Lake City to report suspicions that Bundy was the culprit. They soon added him to their list of suspects. At the beginning of nineteen seventy five. Bundy took his criminal ways on the road. Again for question number eleven. What state did bundy travel to where he killed several more women? After leaving. Salt Lake City a Arizona the Colorado See Wyoming rob a Arizona that is incorrect jared be Colorado the Colorado is the right answer. Bundy would also travel to Idaho in. May Nineteen seventy five where? He took the life of one of his youngest victims. Twelve-year-old year old. Lynette dawn culver that makes the score. Six two four jared. Unfortunately the walls closed in on Bundy. Between August and October of nineteen seventy five police found suspicious items and hair from victims in. Bundy's Volkswagen landing him in a police lineup where Carol durant identified him as her attacker. The kidnapping and murder charges against Bundy were set in June. Nineteen seventy seven. He found himself in a courtroom in Aspen. Colorado this is when he made his first escape from custody. Bundy chose to represent himself in the trial so he was excused from wearing handcuffs or leg. Shackles during a recess. Bundy was able to jump out a window and get away so question number twelve. What was Bundy's excuse to get near an open window? He asked to use the Courthouse Library. Be He asked to.

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