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Guarantees you pay them off early he was a salesman he was a car guy he and he he didn't design but he conceived and pushed through well the car that came to define made the Mustang and and I had the short block V. eight a lot of you went for the two barrel I have the four barrel and mine was just cherry red and yeah if John Campbell were here he would not understand any of this car talk but you were also a Mustang owner it'll be younger than me she out one of the later model I got my license in nineteen eighty two and my first car I paid a thousand dollars for it was a black sixty seven coupe two eighty nine two barrel to barrel I had to that's got a week you know what he you know we said the Argo canyon road here it goes all the way around back through the can down to El Toro yeah I only tickets did you get on that right you used to make that Ryan doing about a hundred and twenty five in that song stop right that that in that you can go to jail for them no yeah yeah you can statue limitations buddy I don't know they're outside of that I still you know where your your save that card is due to I did really well in that car that was a fun car it was the car was seventy eight when it was you even though you got yours in nineteen eighty two I got mine in nineteen eighty two is a fifteen year old car at that point and it's still just flew Rive told people there is a a story out that movie out called echoes of the canyon which is on the moral canyon music scene I can see five sixty six sixty seven Jackson Browne Jackson Browne Mamas and the Papas all the all the the birds Ringo Starr's in this because the Beatles and as you know eagles it's before the eagles that it's it's really kind of acoustic guitar going electric narrated by Jacob Dylan and back saying that in a bunch of other people do a lot of the covers Eric Clapton is that because he's part of the English people but that if you had a car analog it would be full of Mustangs and Camaros a break those are the two cars the exactly the the sixty four through sixty seven sixty eight Mustangs and these other sixty nine Camaros those were those were the classic American muscle car no I had met I have a soft spot for Firebirds not many people dead I thought they looked good the Pontiacs made a fine Firebird and they made a comeback during the Rockford files so we'll see you know the the I did not know that he he he he drove you've done well did you miss trouvez gold Pontiac Firebird but what made money and it's good were the Trans Am do you remember Lee Iacocca on TV of course he was ubiquitous he was the first guy to go and become the brand he was the only man in America that tried to convince you to buy a Chrysler LeBaron yeah and and it worked now I gotta ask you do you think that Lee Iacocca would have pulled the Nike issue I don't not in a free game he would have tried to limit his he would have said you know we're kind of in the business of selling shoes he was in the business of expanding is based not on me so yesterday I broke the door a double down there they're not going to I know they did I want to I want the country to know that Nike just gave the middle finger the international sign for water came from Nike here's a story from Austin powers red white and blue with the image of a historical American flag stitched on its heel in the July for release week they seem like an innocuous attempt by Nike to capitalize on the hot dogs and fireworks and patriotism that mark the holiday instead the company found itself at the center of a political firestorm former National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick really complain about the issues the Nike cancel the speakers production copper and by the way someone should tell should run out there and do a Betsy Ross maker right now chopper that too is a face of the company told Nike that he found the flag design in seventeen seventy seven with a circle of thirteen stars one for each American colony offensive because of its connection to the era of slavery according to the Wall Street journal which by the way of a seventh grader wrote in history paper they before the company's decision to cancel production on the shoes triggered a now familiar dispute no this is not familiar this is different some concern on fox news of some prominent Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Josh Ali have lashed out at the company calling for a boycott Nick using of being anti American but more significantly governor Doug Ducey a Republican said he'd ordered state authorities to revoke a modest incentive packages offered Nike to open a factory near Phoenix he said he did so because Nike quote bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism it is a shame for retreat for the company do she said on Twitter I read this yesterday morning American businesses should be proud of our country's history not abandoning it now there is no good reason for doing this none some people say they intended to get the publicity if they have gotten I say there but they they really I didn't care that they made calling captain ECC eighty face of their brand for segment of their market that's okay some people like Colin Kaepernick column is banned our producers favorite athlete ever we often Colin Colin and so it's either call in Ben Ben calling could do that yeah I was a kid when the forty Niners had a brief shining moment of mediocrity so that was for him a break through and and I don't mind at the end it I I've known forever that Colin Kaepernick was never gonna win the spelling bee so I didn't care that they put a bunch of posters I really didn't care let everyone you want to kneel you Neil I just don't get upset about anything but that's not saying you go your way out of my way I'll take my way you think your way that's saying I can't have issue because it's got the Betsy Ross flag on it so now you're interfering with my consumer choices and you are saying that Nike hates America Nike hates America Nike hates America so you go out anywhere your Nike this weekend no word on the fourth of July people might look at you a little bit funny they might think you make a statement about not being in on the revolution yeah I honest to goodness would love to have you calling cabinet do you think he has any idea about the length and duration of the patriotic war known as the revolutionary war close shot yeah I think you probably know George Washington as a no no we owned slaves and get inside people and that was a moral flaw but do you think he knows the battle the Brandywine Trenton the Callahan's if if your cat hair on the currency they're racists yeah that that that's a good but I'm just saying I think Nike is so screwed up other news the Iranian president warns that they're gonna take more steps to break the deal there is no deal the J. C. B. O. a dead dead dead when we come back Donald Trump throws in the towel never thought I heard you yeah I just didn't believe you would do this he gave up we got rolled he's not going to put the immigration status question on the census the trump administration in a dramatic about face abandon its quest on Tuesday that a citizen question to the twenty twenty census a week after being blocked.

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