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Michael Jordan, thirty point one to really we'll Chamberlain thirty point zero seven. Wow. So really members wilt at the end of his career when he played for the Lakers became a defensive center. Only averaged thirteen fourteen points a game while Gail Goodrich and Jerry West scored all the points, and we'll also played longer. Okay. So Jordan is the answer. All right. Greg to Steve one jesse's Eero Mace you go first this time who has a higher career batting average higher career. Batting average, Mike trout or. Joey Votto, and it is very close. I know trout's like at three oh seven. So I I think I'll go vodka. All right. Great. Yeah. It's trout's a little bit lower. I think it's votes Jesse. Well, I was gonna say trout just to be different Jesse. You are running a chance at going. Oh for you lose again. It is Mike trout three. Oh, eight Joey Votto, three ten. It's that spot. When whoever if it's not J, they go for whoever. Wait a minute. I while he still has three questions left and with Gregg you your three for three, right? The. Curtis who filled in for you. Jesse? Once went over ten tail we only have three more. So you can't go for Tim. But if you pull in over twice in one year that's like having two no hitters. Era. It's Greg you're going. I this time who averages more career passing yards per game. Okay. Passing yards per game. Aaron Rodgers are Andrew luck. I I think it's Andrew luck. Okay. Jesse? Yeah. I'm glad you look Mace. I'm gonna go Andrew luck. All three of you are correct jesse's on the board. And to seventy five is second all time in your game. Guess when it gets whose first yards per game. Dan, foundries drew Brees is correct. You drew Brees is number one. But I was surprised by that. All right. Two more Greg four Jesse one and Steve three and Jesse you're going I do this which coach this. And in the case of one of these guys is averaging so it's to this point in his career, which coach average more wins per season. Okay. Eighty eight hundred game season. Okay. Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich, man. I'm a goal. Phil jackson. All right Mace. I'm gonna go. Phil jackson. Greg. I'm going the opposite. I think it's Gregg Popovich Phil Jackson fifty seven point seven Gregg Popovich fifty four point one, which everybody's in it because the last ones were two and a half Jesse made a nice comeback. Greg for Steve four Jesse to which means Jesse you get to go last. Okay. Go against a Laker pours. All right, Gregg, which actor has a higher average boxoffice per movie. All right. Some crew movie. He's one of the choices. Okay. Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks, and it is. Jewelry, mly close. So it's total box office or box office permanent. Yeah. I'll better fact, I tell you what the numbers are. Okay. One of them is ninety five million nine hundred fifty one thousand and the other one is ninety five million nine hundred seventy four thousand..

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