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I don't even get i'm orthodox what are you saying what she doesn't curse it can't be here because she's off redux she let us know immediately after custody you should know at this moment she's a liar at this very moment we should know she can't be trusted now when she was asked by the crew and security to get out of her seat and exit the plane she said this up to negotiate know jerry jerry jerry pantry okay let's follow this now she called the crew security terrorists and says she's being terrorized in her own country all because she was late to her flight and decided to run past the gate agent after being told she couldn't board the plane one thing so many of us lack yourself win self awareness is the ability to take an is look at your life without any attachment they're being right or wrong good bad so she has none of that because you called the crew insecurity security tears she also says you'd being racially discriminated against so if you're claiming these two things what you can't do is then proceed to terrorize and be racist toward other passages if they are being the plane because of your bs oh you know that's what happened let's listen to at work yeah i'll give either lady wow okay so out the blind that way muggy hello hi she is crazy wow trouble includes bonds for that passenger who was the board inflate and gave donkey today in the moment thank you for doing my job young lady i wish i knew your name so i could show you love but i thank you now back disappear come on this is people be a racially discriminated against all the time okay we've seen real active discrimination on airlines from to meeker mallory to the asian guy who got dragged off the plane but usa affair stop it though weaponize real issues like racism for your own personal agenda and how you racially discriminated against yourself by calling yourself a monkey monkey the monkey noises iran security agent and boarded anyway in this day and age polls nine eleven when a random terrorism can happen at any moment you're lucky you didn't get shot okay this has nothing to do with racism or discrimination this is just you and your own poetry uses please let the passenger who had debord the plane because fear gives alan the biggest today celebrate every day.

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