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The norwegian krona linked to their of oil and the while they're petro rich economy what's the outlook for scandinavian currencies well again these are looking pretty good if you're looking for a by winners in the g ten currencies they it's gandhi's are looking pretty nice just because they're emergency monetary policy settings are no longer needed we got this synchronized global growth economies are doing better around the world and so as central banks catch out to the us as central banks start to change policy decided to tighten people think that these currencies are gonna strengthen but doesn't sweden have negative interest rates sure and so then if negative interest rates are no longer needed if sweden's economy is doing better dr mayor from h be seed says look this emergency setting is not needed any more so why are they doing it change darts in other words it's all about whether they are going to change their policy based on the performance of the economy and that would then speak to a stronger swedish krona all right let's talk about something closer to home and the canadian dollar really connected to what's going on in energy markets yes says he mentioned before with norway canada's also beneficiary of those stronger energy prices so if the energy prices stay around sixty bucks where they are right now canada does better again the bank of canada doesn't need to keep rates as low as as they are so it's going to think about tightening and the but the estimate was that they were going to raise may be twice next year compared to the federal reserve which would be a threetime or maybe even a fourtime of inshore sure and but relative to other central banks elsewhere that still on the active side that still on the kind of more firm solid sites that would be bullish for the currency add median forecasts are for it to rise about two point seven percent so that some pretty strong farright told things getting a little better for the you're looney what about the australian the aussie dollar and.

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