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Alona. And then this episode I've brought on regular Eric Taylor. And as for our guest, he's from Albania. He's a rapper and programmer. Well, more specifically, he's an underground rapper. We saw the educated has made his living as a programmer and developing freelancer. Ladies and gentlemen, I'll give you such mere printing. Correctly. Hi, everyone. I hope to hear that. Yeah, I think what I would do that, yeah, good. So how's life? Well, it's going pretty good. It's stable, I guess. I mean, there's always better, but you've got to make the world you've got. Yeah? Great. Yeah. Have you been up too much recently? Actually, I'm going to process of producing my third album. So I've been all over the place, plus I've had some clients on my on my other job and have been I've been not sleeping correctly lately. Okay. Okay. What kind of music do you produce or make? Well, most of the time, I get other producers to work on my music, but I actually produce some of the tracks on each album, they're my two of them three of them. They're solid all over. I do the track. I do the instrumental adrenergic mastering. The recording process, everything. And well, it's mostly youth related stuff. Disruptive generation issues that we face on everyday life. How hard it is for someone to come up from zero from literal zero and there's people that want to hear that. So when I make it. Okay. Interesting. And what got you into music? Well, I actually always had a had a thing for it since 5th great, I think. I used to write lyrics in my notebook instead of paying attention to school. And it just stuck with me. And then you meet people, they push you into doing stuff that they think that it's good for you. And sometimes it's good to listen to them because at times we don't take the chances that we need to take unless somebody is pushing us from behind. I'm really glad for that. Yeah, that's great. Yeah. Yeah. So do you have a go other places outside of Albania? Actually, I mean, yeah, if it's for traveling, but not from music. At least not yet. Okay. Not yet.

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