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Rod rostov guys. That was fun. Great job interspersing. Your comments y allowing parts of the kiss show to come across during the recording. It was great really sum up the whole kiss show with one word strider. however here's some thoughts and comments overall. I thought the was fantastic. Jeez jeans bastogne was thick in the guitar. Crunchy and heavy. You guys commented on. This is well without much crowd noise. You could really pick up jeans. Oh yeah oh yeah. Queen songs overall stage look great was massive. The u seventeen pods. I north american league in two thousand nineteen since then they've only been using eleven pods which isn't nearly as impressive even though they had twenty one pods during this show. They weren't mobile except the three. They came down during drc and that was disappointing. The mobility of them throughout the normal end of the road shows is a great visual and was missing here screens. The video screens weren't sinking up with what was going on. Live looked awkward pyro overall. The pyro was amazing. The cameras seem to miss some big pyro moments. The rockets around paul's mini stage at the end of love. Gun were awesome and the pirates of the beginning of black diamond. We're really cool as well. Drum is it. Is it me or the drum riser. Only going up about fifteen feet over the last. Several tours with the sheer size of the stage should have gone up higher. Look kinda lame as tears. A fallen loved extended guitar. Riff intro backing vocals. During the course was great as we're eric's lead vocal harmonies during the second verse. Think the picked up on somebody else singing some of the lines. Yup and it was just basically eric given a paul lift which i prefer i liked it. Yeah i thought it was great. War machine the rift was especially crunchy and heavy. Unfortunately i didn't catch the fireball during the fire-breathing on the livestream hopefully one of the other fifty cameras actually got a good shot of it. Cold gin guitar sound especially crunchy the fact there all playing you and different guitars during this song. School gene thunderbird. Paul i've been as ps tommy. Flying v love gun. You mentioned this as well. What was with the double vocal. During the verses was pulsing and over the backing track all enjoyable event. Well worth forty bucks happy new year. Happy new year to you but i thank you very cool. Good analysis kevin jepsen. Holy shit guys. This was fun as hell. I was constantly laughing out loud. Let us know we can or that. Eric singer hunching bag from a click teach more. Eric guys were brutal. Love this show myself but bone yard on series has been played. It and i can't listen awful. Paul sound terrible but added visuals. I didn't hear it as bad gonna watch it again. Listen to you idiots. Great way to start off the year. Happy new year fuck goes. It's funny because kevin was just sending us a tax. Just now about buddy of is australia. That for some reason couldn't get our episode. They couldn't find it on apple itunes or some. If you guys ever have issue like that please feel free to reach out to us will try to find a different method for you to get it. He just sent us a another text now that he did get it. So we're glad to hear that. So kevin that's great on our shouted outlawed cat a page. Our buddy sean ham and also added. Yes yes and yes okay. We'll take it good enough tom. Are you to page has been getting a lot more common slow these days. I love it. Yes that's awesome. Anthony stratus peter griffin on the trump. I forgot about that. When i read that comment i literally. I laughed out loud. Because i totally forgot that. Now that's gold great work. Scott wheeler great. Show we definitely more of these loved being able to hear the concert in the background. Still one thing. I do wanna make mention. I know everybody will say something now. The vocals this and that. But i thought the background of was at the right level. So you could hear it but it's not overwhelming the conversation you can still hear talk except that worked out pretty well Mardi white. I hope the three of you were safe together. Chuck seventy four haha. Just finished skimming the kiss to twenty twenty goodbye video on youtube and then this pops up within a minute. Good timing guess. Awesome devon dunkin great episode. craig brajic awesome i one. What do i win comment of the week. Craig project also said guys don't accept don't accept mediocrity we don't we don't we have our she if you listen to our show long enough we don't now we're always changing and getting trying to do an add a bunch of new things. You'll see what we mean. Yep tom you want to go over some emails as well. Sure couple of emails here a good friend angelo kapeso. Happy new year to angelo. He says hi guys. I actually watched a replay of the dubai concert with you guys. It was really cool. I felt like i was with you. Both end murph. I was amazed how you guys knew. The set list exactly structure was a pleasant surprise wishing you an awesome. Twenty twenty one. Thank you angelo. A good man and we hope you have a happy new year as well and then we got a great email. Here this is. These are the kinds of emails. This is from a listener. Raymond farrow and he says love. The show hates zeus and tom. I recently found your podcast. And i have to tell you you guys are fantastic. I absolutely love the show of been offense and seventy seven. When i convinced my dad to buy his seven year old son kiss alive to and have been a huge fan. Since i've seen them live on every tour since lick it up and just can't get enough kiss content in my life much to the chagrin of my wife. I work in sales. I spend the majority of most workdays in my car which is not always thrilling. Finding your show has been an absolute game. Changer i started with some of the album review shows are now going through and starting at the beginning. Your approach to the show is refreshing since you don't just swoon over everything that kiss does approach with critical minds. Basically we agree that you can still love most things about the ban instill admit that they have cranked out some really shitty songs over the years. The humor in the show is awesome. The i won't use story almost made me wreck my car. I was laughing so hard. The smashes thrashes and shit show was so funny. My wife asked what the hell was wrong with me. Because i was sitting at my desk with headphones on and laughing my ass off speaking of shitty songs. I am amazed that the two of you have such differing opinions on what is great. In what sucks and how. Those opinions differ from mine. It's part of what makes it so great and has made me go back and re listen rediscover some songs i had written off. I still can't believe that you both hate king of mountain top ten kiss song in my opinion and you love garbage like king of hearts. Ll anyway just wanted to drop a note. Thank you for the hours of entertainment now and in the future. Keep up the great work ray farrell from pittsburgh. Thank you ray that those emails are amazing. We appreciate that's awesome. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking the time for writing all that. That's that's awesome. We're we're so glad you found the show. You're having fun with it.

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