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Out of this draft. Three to four year one immediate playmakers. Did we get three to four potential rookie playmakers? I think we might have. I think we definitely got two. I think mate and Watson will contribute. I'm hired. I don't know what to watch and I don't know. I could see them burying him behind aglar. I think the two we got. I think he's going to be better than Aguilar real soon. Yeah. I think strange is the other one. Because he's going to be a starter. Yeah. He'll be a starter. I still think that ziya McCollum will have a role, maybe later on in the year. Maybe that's somebody. I'm talking Mac Jones Christian Barbara. Stephenson level. Yeah. And those guys did we get. I don't know if this draft hits that nail as hard as they did last year, right? I think that this one's a little bit more developmental than what they had last year. It's not what they need. No, it's not. But I think what we go back to. And look, I keep on saying it. I don't care. I'll keep on saying it. Whenever you run these simulations, do it yourself. Don't even use PFF or draft network or whatever. Just run through the draft yourself and try to see what you think teams would take. And what do you think teams would do? You're going to find that more times than not, the guys that everybody's swooning over for the Patriots and dreaming about for the patrons at 21. Just don't make it to 21. Like Jameson Williams, Jordan Davis, the top three corners, Devin Lloyd, Trayvon walker, like these guys just don't make it to the 21st pick. And when they sit there, like we sat there the last two mock drafts that we've done here on pat speed, we've been in the same spot both times that all of those tier, I would call those guys like tier one prospects, right? Usually you have a board that there's like 17 to 18 first round.

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