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Game which we would have one would have put us into the playoffs. They fired bruce. Because we could not make the playoffs and hired pete carroll of all of this dick steinberg. The general manager for the new york jets became very ill with cancer and it basically was a rudderless. Shipley sale that the end of the season with brew with a peak cal. Then they hired richie kotite and and it was the poll chaotic which was unfortunate for me but I'm know fortunately. I still had enough left amid ago. Play for a team. The cardinals and other team that was a penny pinching team. But at the end of the day. I don't regret any of the decisions i made. I don't regret any of the teams that i played for and realized that I did have a great and very prosperous. Nfl career that ultimately turned out to be a tremendous broadcasting career. After that you think the quarterback position is changed any since the time you came into the nfl compared to now while the game has changed I think that the real the relaxing of the rules In terms of. I say the tightening of the rules in terms of Defenses and what they could get the wide receivers and pass catchers as they has five yards down. The field is really opened up the game. It's interestingly enough. I talked a lot of the guys that i've played with phil. Simms and dan ran on jim. Kelly john elway. I think all of us probably would have thrown for fifty thousand yard played under the present rules but the one thing i do know is a game as much faster now than it is. When i played now the players are bigger faster stronger. All the quarterbacks now are pretty much the size that you know we were when we played so that hasn't changed much. But i think they're much better prepared to play in the pro game coming out of the college game now nowadays and we ever were. You know it's the evolution of the game and i'm still proud to be associated with it as a broadcaster. I certainly did not want to coach. Just i think it's just a numbing experience. I'm pretty lucky with what i'm doing. Now yeah and actually so. You went into broadcasting pretty successful career at that. Is that something that you always wanted to do. And maybe you knew you wanted to the end of your career. While there's no question about it. I was very radio. Television film guy. At the university of maryland. I graduated with a general studies degree with an emphasis in radio film..

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