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As I learned from the best I love that's a great story. And I love how you know it's very unconventional, which you just touched on. You know how you went from PhD entrepreneur founder and part of side force. Sean Connery is joining us Right now we're here to inspire and form and connect the community of entrepreneurs on Mark lack. This is business rock stars has been the partner story. Where on your journey thus far where you feel like you had one of those seasons. One of those seasons of adversity where Things weren't going the way they should. And maybe you have fear struggles. Frustrations. Maybe even have thoughts or doubts of giving up. Could have been when you were trying to get your PhD could have been Having a family and trying to juggle work or business. Do you have one of those seasons or stories that you share with us? It's funny, many of the descriptions of that season or things at least for me that extend continuously self doubt in securities and my on the right path. So it's been with me often in many of the people in this entrepreneurship vote that I speak with are constantly Bombarded by this this self doubt as well. A little over a year ago, I was in one of those times I came out to Los Angeles to serve Jeff Skoll and at the Jeff School group is chief of staff and Jeff had moved over to become the head of participant media and the role in the office. I came out here to work on cease to be there, and I had to figure out what my next steps were. There was a lot of anxiety about what am I going to do next? I had this interest in starting my own company. I had seen an opportunity and I have never done this before. So I threw a lot of friendship through a lot of love from people like my wife and other people around me through prayer. I decided to take this jump. But I mean, for the last year every day has been a struggle in a fight and a triumph. Luckily, but It's been a fun run. So what do you think is some of the key components then that helps somebody developed the mindset to be able to not only person here through the ups and the downs and the fears and the South doubts but also to be able to confidently continue moving forward, I think in over an overriding vision That one feels for me and overriding vision that I felt is important and that I need to do I have a really call towards serving others and trying to serve this planet. There's a metaphor that has really guided my life for years. It's this idea of magnetic north and I've heard lots of talk about how true North is the thing to look for. And you kind of keep focused on. This thing you're looking towards magnetic North has always struck me is a better concept. Magnetic North Interestingly, actually moves constantly based on the turn of the earth and all kinds of other factors, and that concept always kept me in mind that requires a dynamic appreciation of what it is. I'm going for my vision today is quite likely going to be consistent with different from division. I'm going to be following a year from now, so that constant appreciation of where I'm going and thinking about it. Really helps. I love that. We'll be right back with Sean can era my mark Black. This is business rock stars were here to inspire and form and connect. A community of entrepreneurs could join us on Facebook, Twitter and online business rock stars dot com. This is sponsored by concur, according to new research from concur. Nearly 60% of business travelers have changed their travel plans because they didn't feel safe more than 77% of female travelers say they have experienced harassment or mistreatment while traveling. Nearly 40% have been ignored by service workers, and nearly a third has been cat called during a business trip. Kim Albright, CMO for AP concur and equal world isn't enabled WORLD and that's the theme of this year's International Women's Day at NCP concur. We believe employers need to work harder to better enable women and other business travelers to stay safe. Employers could do this. You better training, technology and other resource is, for example, they're apse.

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