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Make sure you're ready to have confidence in you draw this summer carson wentz throw a ball seventy yards yesterday and practice areas. I don't if you've seen it. I utilize a factory and fuck of theorems to do the math. And see that his back foot now he might have got his head sloan all across the field carson wentz seems to be all the way back right now and i thought he might have been you know. I didn't think people were saying maybe he was broker. So potentially going you now. I don't know yeah other people said it sound like me and i was moving my lips. He was like john video. Or whatever but the the thought of the everybody relax the thought of carson wentz going back to his. Mvp form with this colts team has to be something as colts fan which. I am obviously in indianapolis and darius i think you are as well. You have to be excited about this. I'm excited for him. Excited for t. Why because now. You've got an you know another quarterback with the live arm armstrong field Yeah 'cause i'm side about carson. Wentz been back with frank to man. He does look hot. Hot hot hot. How good out there on the field hana's word for so by the way in mandarin. Connor actually has a sister from china china from shanghai. Yeah so you learn. He knows mandarin pretty. Well it's actually quite alarming. How let's see we go here. We go see. I don't know what i'm saying. Is i don't know how much that's associated canadian here. We thank you. So i just scene photos now from crazy. His like his whole can't even see the other side of the lake with all the smoke. That's going in there cheese and pease everybody up there but the colts i think. Hey that defense. They're going to have to pay darius leonard at some point you There's gonna be some big. Paychecks can go out the door to people that they have drafted. That's a gift and a curse having successful drafts and being able to find great talent at expensive positions like darius leonard showed up on twenty six i believe i believe those are twenty six. I'm not sure it was beautiful. Car dropped on his birthday That team could go on a run. Like i honestly believe that. That team could go run. I thought maybe we'll get the inner. I'll be sealed delivered super bowl but michael howard over a long time. Do the coats need a member of the secondary. I mean you can never have too many cover guys or pass rushers so You could land you know. Channel jones got a lot to prove this year When a contract year you've got X. who we've got some. I mean we. We got the money now but we just like brady smith got to pay big q. Okay i'll pay leonard. That's a lot of money block chris. Ballard has been very very very consistent with saying. I can't just pay. What fuck you guys can't just pay everybody. We got a pair own guys you know. I got a guy name quinton. Who's going to be a hall of famer. Gordon draft his gardening. Okay i drafted in the first round of people told me i reached for remember people town christmas traffic guard. You don't guard. That high in quite nelson has literally just pancaked every human in front of them basically at this point he's going to have to pay him. That's going to be a lot of money. He's gonna have to pay various leonard. That's going to be a lot of money but the salary caps as we know that now at this point doesn't matter just down the road a saints might be nowhere. michael thomas. what was you saw. The sean bessler utah shop pre personally. That was I was a little alarming. So you like me. Assumed he got an earlier surgery rehab in connect as well as they thought. We have to go in and fix something before it gets too late. If that's what you thought. I feel like i didn't know i when i saw the surgery and i saw it will recover go well into the season. My okay this timing is peculiar. Maybe and then shop paint clearly wasn't happy. Wasn't very app about at all using michael thomas way saying like hey i think like do you think he has a body guru that potentially he was like. I think we can cure this without doing surgery. 'cause now i'm starting to question a lot because sean payton did come out and say like there was no miscommunication. Yeah that's what you say. There was no miscommunication. It should have been done. Frankly is going on earlier so i wonder if it was a different of opinion. Then i don't think are the agent. Michael thomas the team. I don't think we need to do surgery. I think we can be without it and then it got to a point where they need it. I don't that was a very kazaa. Good he is obviously one of them out there especially when you got a new quarterback coming into the forward. There's going to be winston her hill. You wanna guile zito's having a full give and take right now. I think with the team. Wow yeah so. Zero right now is on the phone looking at facetime while also potentially on the hotline z. Dressed like chicago bears coach. Ray all right is he's got.

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