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What's causing the high temperatures to move in? And who can we blame for this? Well, you can blame Mother nature if you'd like to blame anybody, but the high temperatures are being caused by a Massive dome of high pressure. Think of like a pressure cooker on us Essentially the air's pushing down on us and that pushes down it compresses and heats up to the higher the thicker. The atmosphere is above us, the more air that could push down upon us. So think of sitting at the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool. So you have a lot more water above your head right now. We're gonna have a lot of atmosphere above our head this weekend. National Weather Service forecast er Brian Garcia also says that pressure could trap smoke in the lower levels of the atmosphere. I'm Kim Alistair KGO ATEN Santa Clara County Health officials are saying that even if the state okays reopening indoor activities like movie theaters, museums and indoor dining, they probably won't do it right away. County leaders will still keep the ban on indoor theatres and indoor dining, telling the Mercury News being in AA crowded area like a theatre sports venue or in a restaurant pose is too great of a chance of contracting the virus. And that news comes as the Bay Area lost more people from covert 19 in the past 24 hours than any day since the pandemic began. The Bay Area newsgroup says There were 27 deads in the region yesterday, led by 17 and Alameda County. Mostly working class neighborhoods in East Oakland continue to have the highest rates of spread. UC San Francisco plans to launch a massed testing effort in Oakland this week, similar to one it provided in San Francisco's Mission District. This news update is sponsored by Friedman's appliance..

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