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Wet weather they will have a split double header comes sunday nationals and braves of your planning on going on saturday that signal be good for the makeup on sunday night at six thirty five also play sunday afternoon at one thirty five nationals loser second straight to the braves on friday night nine to six spray star ronald lacuna junior becomes a fifth player in major league history to have forty homes and forty stolen bases in a season entering that exclusive club nats honor pitcher sean little as he retires from baseball he was a key reliever in the nats world series one four years ago and maybe most importantly push for the return of the bullpen cart baltimore falls in a walk -off to cleveland nine eight college football just a gut -wrenching loss for virginia tied things up twenty one apiece and it looked like they were going to overtime but uh... the wahoos get a suspect fifteen -yard penalty for excessive celebration and the nc state gets great field position goes down kicks a field goal to win it uva falls to 0 went for a final count twenty four twenty one frank and random t c o p sports six fifty six on w t o p coming up the u -a -w strike expands to forty factories in twenty the state cbs news has the latest coming up in just a few moments will have that story settle down class colin you're up my fellow they show and tell i'd present to you my phone is made with class in a real day of was i can't pronounce it's powered by expending mobile so it's fast anyway with expending mobile we save hundreds of dollars a year it's like being in a secret club that's open everyone like mathletes or robotics but for savings now if you all take a handout colin what what are these i'm quizzing the class on the material expending mobile is the fastest mobile service with five g cellular and millions of wifi hotspots switch and save hundreds a year with the best price for two lines of unlimited just thirty dollars a line a month visit xfinity dot com slash fastest mobile to learn more restrictions

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