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Dr Pepper the official drink of Fans Ville grab some today welcome installation of Espn Down Thomas Troy Craig Burley Shack Ali Moreno Champions League very much dominates the conversation today and it will let it run. SEDILLO began discuss Real Madrid's awful to two. I'm joy against a club always but we start in London. Tottenham to volume unit seven finished especially winning in this game at one point all the way back in the twelve th minute sir can break getting four goals for the visitors absolute shambles the spurs worst home defeat ever if you exclude the institution which I think we will for that reason Craig. Where do we start. AH. I felt excellent. I don't play off to the great star shaped but then took control of the game. I'm more Super Clinic. The second half I mean brilliantly clinical managed the game fantastic will sign when the hot to counter when they played the right bowls over the top of the right time to play short when you need it to dominate the Medfield the game on particularly towards the end of the first half with thought played in a diamond shape lost switches. You play really hard to taught in the midfields are running from safety side and we're stretching them. Continue Plan Free Role was looked great again behind doffs guy so I thought they will payer yeah they gave up some some taught them particularly on unit would ex- from supposed point of view it just quickly the one thing that gets as me as as a as a flatness around the place at the moment they haven't kept one clean sheet against Crystal Palace since last April Milla but that was colchester as a flatness around the end. There's almost admits that some players don't WanNa be there. Could you could throw the manager into that but one of the things things are keep seeing and hearing thank you can have it both ways as when they have six ask get into the Champions League final is not know when they don't have success and and how about night is w Levy. You can't have it both ways. You can't put up portraits great whenever by night am seeing somebody I'm seeing guys on social media journalists and pundits saying well the posturings and I know he's tight-fisted. He's a deal maker and annoy drag down your Levy but here's the deal. We'll talk to him of still good players. You really really good players anti baby seven flatness food this as you're making but mistakes and tactics wrong. I have no problem with the push. ITUNA has been getting over over recent seasons especially when you consider the lack of spending on on how they continue to progress over the last four years continue to finish top four despite everybody else spending and then all of a sudden this shouldn't nearby spruced list of standards. You spend some money and and you know you're looking for the team to kick on it has been desperately poor throughout. Portugal you know has some questions answered and this is a team that lost Champions League semi final season as fighting a last season up against it's a by Munich team who didn't seem to have any answers against Liverpool and look at how differently both of these teams approach and and then splits defense and said not as much as they post game press conferences boundary just simply clinical but they will better and in a season where we've spoken a lot about teams possible ought to be back and to the detriment I thought by an executed to perfection shoes how it should be done clinical expecting goals making friends everywhere. Thank God Spurs win this game clinical is the point you Tina Craig us as well is. They're not gonna I mean just say it was just one of those days in which everything that by Munich had ended up in the back of the night and isn't maybe as bad as the school nine suggests. If you WANNA it'd be the most positive spurs fan in the whole wide world. Yes you can certainly go down that line if you want to. If you realistic then you have to us simple questions and simple questions of defending and simple principles no pressure on the ball. You still have a high line. That doesn't make sense because no pressure the ball means that the can't can can look up and see says you're gonNA remain the running behind everybody Bald Watson and he just times run. We'll put the ball over the top and it's GonNa every no pressure on the ball and you again have a high line and you have a guy in Sanatoria that continues to just pay attention to the ball and regardless of what's going on in behind and it's not only him because rose was doing the same thing down the left hand side and so you say okay well. Maybe we can sort it out with our centre-back. Maybe not because how in the goal by server there's GonNa be in the second half continues to back oh by God and doesn't show him one way or the other allows them. Thomas based up eighteen bucks. This is not defending and so there's there's a lot of things that you can point out in dispersing that it's not just is one of those days is that maybe maybe this guy's to some degree. They're finding it difficult to be confident in their own abilities to believe in whatever the managers putting out as a plan and perhaps there has stopped listening and if that's the case then it's I'd say far darker seen than we believe. The truth is that you look at what spurs were in the second half when they score four to. You're thinking well. Maybe maybe they get back to work. Hang on the panel okay all right maybe and and then it was Joe's capitulation. It was Joe's stop playing by Munich continue to knock the ball around eventually they they get three three more goals and then the last ten minutes of the game and the reaction or lack thereof is real referendum aspersers. Here is the real no question that you have to ask that at five two. It was like well it became six. It became seven and that's fine. It's not fine. The Sheffield Bucks were horrendous. Defensively I mean took in an elevator went. Most Bay Levski skill to get possible Tolan was was grit scale because awful defending and how did not have a good night but the chick fil box to experience bags to be caught soft and with the spending behind is quite scary. Really I mean I played. They're not opposition fully KNOXVILLE team quite a few times. It's not natural position. Even I could walk out. If Somebody's spinning in behind me I can't go and push on them because and Leo and I got a woman so go to speech and then I go to drag a midfielder across not gonNa try and DUB elope account pushing in there and then bring to the quickest players that by of goal quick spending behind Tope just basic basic defending on the other side of the coin the Russia to given up as well kings the Coleman hove are never give adult Noah so the scenario could have been wasp but listen you know the came came through Japanese league last year after star that is that is that new sign Safaa. That's going to be the same because they're not defending properly capitulating Olympia because with a two nil lead pretty much most of the games and given goes away given goals away almost every yes good to watch going forward that at a threat they got good players but as a structure defensively at the moment they're all over the parish. There's only one man can get fix some manager. I just want to talk about buying player in particular so great tweet saying that says McCaffrey has managed to upset also and Spurs fan very much also so reject performance but this isn't one offer him last year yeah yeah young man ask them and sometimes the young guys as we all know progress and mature at different times right science less than people often were working with him every day they conceal and either all the count turney relates didn't say it when he was online at West Brom Young Callum McManaman Muzo who's where he has no but what what we do know is he's phone these these these economic by Munich connects them for a while is fast easy and not just that he's not just doing it with buying with Germany any Germany. Is We always doing on the international front is doing on the club front and they made a conscious decision by Munich. The older guys are going. I enrolled in Frank Rebury the old guard we're going with the younger guys that tried to buy Hudson Doi last year Israel to beef up the tune of gotland the moment spectacular but especially Ashley can operate these finishing and of course we saw Craig finished as well from eleven who just say must be such a nice feeling the now if you ever have this as a striker eyelid of anything you hate will hit the back of that because not only that goal is called but the flip up in the build up as well. It's just a minute just exudes confidence everywhere and the moment of the goal. It's the first half is still one one. Levin those key with his back turned to go and he already has a picture us to wear. This ball is going to go. It doesn't happen by the accident just like you don't lose a game. Seven by accident spurs fans by the way it did. This happened by accident because we've got Guy Rover Lewandowski who can turn and he's already already has that corner and his I- he knows if I take this touch here even facing Mongo on the turn I can hit it. There is too and that's the difference between work class and pretenders tenders work class level and the team that pretends to be dead level and right now via Munich play like that whereas spurs is still finding themselves how much now a by communiqu putting themselves in a conversation go very far in this competition or all. We just saying come on it. Was the spurs side. Could can you play who you put up again. As I mentioned before these be beaten Champions League finalists after all but that kind of performance against the spurs whether whether this is a shadow of of their former selves or or not I think the performance as a team the performance individually from the likes of knob ry says that Ah this is a team this this is a team that can go very far especially when you see some of the Big Boys Continuing to stumble we all see we will see what happens when the year tunes but as of right now this is as good a performance as good team as we're seeing in the Champions League right now sorry and and can I tell you though that the finishes the second one is even more impressive the ball spinning away from him. He's been in away from goal well and and the touch that he takes on it. It's just it's just a different level and and again there is a difference in terms of the level of play here that was very evident and very clear and that's why buying Munich becomes yes candidate however we have waited from this sort of performance by Rove and those the latter stages of the competition and it hasn't happened happened so let's wait until we get their continuous an extremely important pawn chess piece for them now..

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