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Know they took all three against San Diego when they were in San Diego recently see what kind of success they can have against the Padres in Milwaukee that that's a Padres team that's playing better now. Then they were when they played on the first time, and it was also kind of. I think of traps Erie's for San Diego because they've been playing. The Dodgers are right in that same time frame, And you don't know if they'd elect down or whatever it might be. But I think I'm not trying to overstate things When I think today's a really important game for this team. Just try to get out of this funk that they've been in in the month of May. If they can win this game today, they take the Syriza and you feel like they have some mo mentum. And maybe, just maybe they've put this off funk that they've been in recently behind them. Have a question yesterday. Area brewers extra innings that that I never got to and It's connected to what? What? Really? What? What? What can will you Thomas really do for this team to go? The team goes out in a choir. Um, And for some, I think the acquisition of William Thomas is Maura about Luisa Arias wasn't playing good playing well, and he they just wanted to find somebody. I think it's more than that. The team will tell you that they've been in discussions with the race for a while about him. I've got no reason to believe that That's not true, but I think this is a whole lot more than Louise Arrius had committed four errors in two games, and they had made the decision to move on from him from their starting shortstop. I think you could take a step back and look at it from a broader perspective, and I'll explain why in just a moment against the Brewers and the Reds, wrapping up a three game series today you want to join us. You could do so 85561616 20. That's 85561616 20. Accurate mortgage talk to text line or you can tweet at me at Matt Paulie on air M A. T T p A U l E Y on air, its rulers warm up more in a moment on wtmj out mowing the lawn. At your kid's soccer game, dropping a line in the water anywhere, you can take your phone. You can take Bob Bucher and Brewers games.

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