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Tom shillue back with the Tom shillue show. The question. I have for you. Who is more? Involved in a cult of personality the cult of anti-trump. Or the cult of Trump because George Conway thinks to Republican a personality cult I happen to believe he has joined he voluntarily joined a anti-trump cult, and he's reciting all their talking points. And he's doing it because he's personally uncomfortable with the president's personality. Eight three three eight five two four eight six six eight three three eight five two four, Tom. Who's in the cult? Kevin in Albany, Georgia. I love your show. And you started all everything said about it at your lead up here that person is the one in the cold and the key word that lets everybody know what they're dealing with is when that person that you described as many others, they say that they are acting on their feelings, then we know exactly where they're at the rest of us out here. We're not the ones in the coal. We're not acting on our feelings we elected the president not because we were lovers personality where you're lectured him because he's a politician. He's not talking or acting like a politician. Yeah. And you look at the other people in the cult William Kristol and the Steve Schmidt. The guy who ran McCain's campaign day are now they're fully committed. They're obsessed with Trump. That's all they talk about is Donald Trump's personality. I haven't heard Steve Schmidt talk about policy. I haven't heard William Kristol say anything interesting about conservatism because he's obsessed with one man Donald Trump his personality. That's right. And and as long as they focus on his personality, they're they're very likely because you know, he says a lot of things that they don't like they're very likely to be uncomfortable. But the rest of us out here on ever even in your personal. It's so it's such a freedom that you experience when you're not concerned about what other people think, and it's interesting because some of the most avant garde people in fashion or music, or whatever once you forge your own path. And you're not worried if your hair is very. Bizarre. Whatever it makes you stand out or whatever it's very free will us as people out here voting for these politicians once you get past the fact that when he said the things that he intended to accomplish in Washington, drain the swamp, whatever. Well, the swamp is not gonna go quietly so whenever they blow up, and they say that they got their feelings hurt about what he says. And they're trying to focus on that. And like you mentioned just a moment ago. Like, Bill Kristol and others. They do not want to talk about his policy. They just wanna talk about personality, and what he saying unprecedented this behavior. We've never seen anything like this out of the oval up. Yeah. We know that Kevin thanks for the call Kevin in Albany, Georgia eight three three eight five two four eight six six is the number who's in the cult the anti-trump people or the Trump people? He's not the first person George Conway to use the term personality cult. People have the they have a way of projecting their own feelings on other people. That's.

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