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So what i take from mrs this is why in 2020 i hope everyone runs right neither the thing this is a unique challenge in that it's one of the few instances where the party chooses someone and i think the if the party though is going to be in trouble and face difficulty when they have to choose because then it's like here's the choice that came down from on high from the party elders who we don't trust right now anyway know verses in 2018 and 2021 it's going to be a busy crowd a bunch of crowded primaries were whole bunch of people run and then the voters get to select who they want to represent us you know and then it becomes you know literally much more democratic than uh than the party saying this is our person so i get the critique but i don't think it's something that's going to be replicated often you know in the in the coming years which is yet but if you're if you're angry about it your i get that i totally get that adds as you point out will see who uh who the democratic party size should be at standardbearer and 2020 and it could be road someone like joe kennedy or could be someone who looks very different joe kennedy and we'll we'll say no okay let's talk about ira or a banana republic here so i want to see if i got all the straight here because i've been trying to catch up on the news all day have been running around in the last few days weak year i don't know we we learned that donald trump tried to fire special counsel robert muller last spring yesterday we find out the trump forced out the deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe also that he wants told mccabe that his wife was a loser we also found out that trump has been floating the idea with friends that he might actually prosecute muller prosecute the man investigating him and today we find out that in december trump asked the deputy attorney general overseeing the russia investigation rod rosenstein if he was quote on his team so that goes in the uh trump obstructing justice and as many ways as he can category in the other category we have the chairman of the house intelligence committee devon newness with the full support of speaker paul ryan has basically opened.

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