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Something about new york city correction offices and khalif brouwer we have the insult insult of the public advocate leticia james who actually got behind a mike in said that we should name reich his allen after khalif throw are you for real we in this last she had a correction also do sixteen hours and got in her car to go home and had a heart attack in died on the right as allen bridge will reward you tisch james where were you when this happy we had a correction officer stacey bryant in her uniform in her car on her way to reich is allen to serve the public and was merdid will weren't you've tisch where were you we've had correctional services have heart attacks in die and you come in and and you think it's okay to say that we name an island after one who who who who left his island two years in a and and did not die on his alan actually his life was protected on his island look i'm not quite sure what the problem is of elected officials when it comes to new york city correction offices but i'm here to say to you if you want rikers island if you want to x dan laguardia airport if if if the former vice president uh joe biden embarrassed joop when he said that laguardia was like a third world country important i'm sorry but you're the governor you're the mayor is your airport you want it you take but you do not blame new york city correction offices or use us as the reason why you want to shut down this island that is not fear to the legacy of correction offices in the city of new york and there's no reason for you to do that here it is in this city of new york right now i'll mayor is somewhere and other states raising money from these advocacy groups so that he could come here and push their agenda you're getting money from people in other states to come here the push an agenda that's not going to benefit new york city residents you have admitted that you fail the homeless in this city you admitted that you failed the homeless in this city so now we're talking about more than sixty thousand homeless people with nowhere to live you admitted that you.

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