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Of alcohol because it helps regulate your mood, so whether your mood is really volatile or low. It restores it to balance out a home you a static level partner, actually smokable when we weigh when we fight, we smokable of DVD, and that helps mitigate things a lot. That's that's a really important point, cause all joking aside. I mean, the best way that I have ever described CBD for you for myself, especially is it just takes the edge off? You know, it just allows you to be a little bit more receptive to some other ideas. You know some more conversations, your waves or open kind of thing. I mean, that's how I see it. You know, and and and and, you know, to your point about you. I know you're passionate about full spectrum, you know, and I wanted to get into that because I know that there's a lot of products out there. Some of them are CBD. Isolate this, that the other we know if they go to technical, But why full spectrum? So research have actually shown that full spectrum, which is all of the plants, cannabinoids and Turpin's being president is not. It doesn't taper off in effect and a dose dependent way and what that means is isolate on Lee worked up until a certain point say, you take 100 MG of isolates. You feel in effect you could take 200. It's gonna be the same level of effect. It's not going to increase with a full spectrum extract. It increases those dependent Lee so there's no cap on the therapeutic effect. If you take 50 That'll be one thing. If you take 100, you'll have more positive effects. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. It was the time for the midway. So you're just joining us? This is understanding CBD on Max Sobel. You won't see your name. I'm Steven Wallman. Our guest John Ellis sells on is one zoom and on the radio with us, and we're talking about some of her favorite things that she's most passionate about. Yeah, and love and relationship, especially when it comes to CBD and You know the personal stories. You know what part of the country are you in? I'm based in Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. That's also that's that's pretty cool on the other side of town here, that's Bigfoot Country. What was anything going on there for Valentine's Day? I know, um Events are somewhat limited all around. But what what's happening over there? I know it.

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