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Abraham lincoln radio studio at the george washington broadcast center armstrong and joe giradi armstrong and getty show the oldest president in. Us history was in new york today. Addressing the united nations joe biden is older than the un itself. That's under drove. And he's like. I remember when this building was a salt water taffy shack and all his leader friends from other countries. Were there the fellow from down under big guy. Too tall padraig bucko pretty funny. He's old you see very. Yeah so this is. Interesting is from bloomberg dot com. This is a serious piece about investing. This is not like a usa today. Fluffy's they're actually trying to figure this out and research shows that when company executives use a lot of words and complicated phrases. They're usually hiding poor performance and the shorter and simpler. Statements are the ones that are gonna do the best so they took a look at the russell thousand large-cap index a whole bunch of companies. They split the in into ten groups of one hundred and looked at it over the last seven years the hundred companies officers used the most complex language averaged a return of around nine percent. The companies. That the ceos use the simplest language to talk about their company returned over fifteen percent and the supply like everything in life. Yes i mean the answer to the question. Where have you been or did you do that or yes. you know. whatever it's just this ring so true. What can lie behind this in part. It's because if you have something to hide you will tend to take refuge in longer. Words more convoluted sentences as gioja said..

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