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Sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda now to Jonathan Warner Major League Baseball is now proposing a seventy six game regular season with up to sixteen teams qualifying for the playoffs but it also reportedly includes a further twenty five percent pay cut for players who would then receive more post season money the NHL is hoping to start training camps by mid July that would be phase three of the league's return to play planned face to begin today with teams allowed to hold voluntary workouts the capitals haven't yet decided when to open up medstar iceplex but goalie Braden Holtby has been in touch with goaltending coach Scott Murray one of the things that I'm happy that the NHL and NHLPA put in was were able to use our goalie coach after a certain amount of days so that's an advantage that we have overlooked the skaters I guess so I I'm not too concerned that way because analysts once the studies on the ice we we can get a lot of conflicts in a in a little amount of time meanwhile midfielder rose Lavelle in the Washington spirit look to make up for lost time returning to the field today for the first time in three months yeah it's nice I mean I think we're all eager to get back playing and it's nice to kind of be settled into one team at a time and be able to put all our energy towards this tournament yeah I'm just happy to be back I'll be training at the national women's soccer league will start their season with a torn amid in Utah the spirits first game will be June thirtieth China the Warner W. T. O. P. sports will this splendid weather last we'll check it out with traffic and weather coming up six forty seven if you don't know P. P. C. if you don't know SCO if you don't know O. T. T. if you don't know targeted display social media man website development mail marketing you don't have to all you need to know is twenty sixty digital we can help you with the digital marketing.

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