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Don't areas everybody alive they not in the projects or more right jj started up star business and they made it that will be good it bring back the fuck brady bunch how old has brady bunch 'cause obviously you got no creativity no no so just cave in and do everything what else do should they bring back shit what else rap we welcome back kotter we all couple of care joe you got bob marino you can fill in you can feel you feel in walkabout carter would be doped oh they should laverne shirley absolutely yeah fuck it just bring back the whole thursday night suzanne somers will john ritter passing heartbeat do three just rebooted yep yeah and it probably gonna do it based on the success of that 'cause it's a copycat league right they're gonna bring back more yeah they're gonna they're gonna definitely bring back more because will and grace is a hit roseanne is a hit trust me trust the french people are they have that guarantee you they've had discussions about it i guarantee fucking to you they've had discussions about bringing back friends whether or not they do it they are like yoshi we do this shit maybe seinfeld might come back you know that would kill yeah let's do it for two season we get a million each right knock the shit out because other shit is wack that you put out bring back the shit that's guaranteed to get viewers i guarantee you those shows have had discussions those big shows have had discussed who knows did you watch the first episode of roseanne excerpts of it.

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